Dr. Alendry posing for photo in front of prop
Dr. Alendry on farm with young child
Dr. Bean hiking
Dr. Bean outdoors in front of lake
Dr. Born hiking outdoors crossing bridge
Dr. Born jet skiing in lake
Dr. Colby Smith at football stadium
Dr. Colby Smith holding fish
Dr. Colby Smith in group at baseball stadium
Person with celebration balloons.
Dr. Howard family photo
Dr. Howard in front of college building
Dr. Kim with dog
Dr. Kim skiing
Dr. Kim with Chicago Cubs mascot
Dr. Main at finley farms
Dr. Main holding puppy
Dr. Main kayaking on river
Residents laying on ground in leaves
Dr. Martin family photo
Dr. Martin mountain biking
Dr. Martin with turkey
Dr. Martin with deer
Dr. Michelle Smith at event
Dr. Michelle Smith family photo
Dr. Michelle Smith hiking in woods
Dr. Webber at event
Dr. Webber headshot
Dr. Webber hiking
Paula's 62nd Birthday
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