Dr. Matzek and Dr. Branham at MAFP.
Residents playing sand volleyball.
Dr. Brown in the kitchen cooking.
Group of residents.
Resident skiing.
Dr. Givens posing with landscape.
Dr. Hanson with a young child listening to his heart beat.
Dr. Hansen with a young child playing putt putt golf.
Dr Hansen with his son in the woods.
Dr. Hanson with his wife.
Person with celebration balloons.
Dr. Jackson and friends with a mascot.
Dr. Jackson with polar bear in museum.
Dr. Jackson with group of four friends.
Dr. Kristian.
Dr. Kristen with two other people posing on fence.
Dr. Kristian and other scuba diving.
Dr. Mario with family.
Dr. Mario with daughter.
Dr. Mario with family.
Dr. Mario with son.
Doctors at dinner
class seated with masks.
class pyramid
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