Proper diagnosis and treatment of allergies and asthma is important to your overall health and quality of life. Trust the experts at CoxHealth.

Diagnosis, Treatment & Prevention

Allergy & Immunology

Your body is designed to defend itself against viruses and bacteria. But sometimes, these defenses attack harmless substances such as dust, mold or pollen. These attacks cause the common allergy symptoms you’re familiar with - sneezing, itching, watery eyes - and sometimes severe, life threatening reactions. CoxHealth's allergy and immunology experts have the extensive training needed to diagnose, treat and prevent the full range of allergic conditions and immunologic diseases. Our goal is to help you return to a normal, active life.


If you or your child has asthma, your physician might refer you to our asthma specialist. This specialist can evaluate your asthma, manage your medication, help you learn to use your inhaler and develop a personalized asthma action plan so you can take control of your condition. For healthcare providers, we also offer phone consultations regarding your asthmatic patients, patient education materials, and can train your office staff in general asthma care, office readiness and inhaler instruction.