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Direct Messaging

Do you need to communicate directly with a CoxHealth clinic or hospital, or refer a patient for care? CoxHealth provides a HIPAA compliant, secure and encrypted email platform that allows CoxHealth and other providers to electronically send and receive documents related to patient care.

Access direct email addresses for CoxHealth facilities by downloading our spreadsheet and adding it to your electronic medical records system, or keep it on file for your referral purposes. 

Please send us your Direct Addresses so we can add you to our EMR, too. If you have questions, email us.

Download CoxHealth Direct Messaging Addresses

(Updated 9/19/2017)

Send CoxHealth your Direct Messaging Information

One-Call Patient Transfer

Call 1-877-761-6911 to connect with a transfer center coordinator. The coordinator will arrange for a consultation with a physician for acceptance, arrange for a bed, communicate with nursing and arrange for patient transport.

One-Call Patient Transfer is available 24/7, 365 days a year.

You'll need to provide:
You'll need to provide: Your name and callback number Patient's name and DOB
You'll need to provide: Facility name Patient's unit or room number
You'll need to provide: Patient's diagnosis Type of care needed
You'll need to provide: Patient's condition

Laboratory Catalog

A catalog of available laboratory services

Physician & Advance Practice Opportunities

Search open positions throughout the CoxHealth system.

Library Services

Resources at two locations with trained staff to help you with your search.

Continuing Education

Conferences and seminars to help you stay on top of your field.