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At CoxHealth, wellness is important to us because it builds happier, healthier communities. We're committed to promoting healthy lifestyles by working with employers to provide health risk assessments and help identify individual risk factors for employees.

Wellness in the workplace is growing as health issues and health care costs continue to rise. We provide onsite screening for early detection of diabetes, high cholesterol and more. We'll help them thrive at work and throughout their lives.

What does that mean for you? More employee engagement and productivity. Lower costs. And happier, healthier employees.

On-Site Health Risk Assessments

Our wellness team provides on-site health risk assessments to evaluate the overall health of your employees and to help reduce health care expenses. Our wellness team will travel to you, making the process easy and convenient. All we need is a space, tables and chairs. We will bring our supplies and privacy screens. We will set up a registration table and complete individual health assessments, including blood pressure, body compositions and point of care finger sticks.

Once all the biometric measurements and lab results are completed, our team will review results with each individual participant and discuss next steps.

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