Outpatient Lab Services

At CoxHealth, our team of board-certified pathologists and laboratory medicine professionals provide patients with the highest quality of care in laboratory testing for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease.  These results help your physician in developing the right treatment for you.  We offer a wide range of testing in various locations using the latest advancements in diagnostic assessments.

Our laboratory technologists, clinical laboratory scientists, pathologists and laboratory technicians work around the clock to provide you and your physician with timely test results.

Outpatient laboratory services are available at CoxHealth locations across the Ozarks. If your physician orders labs, he or she will refer you to the location that's most convenient for you. Then, your doctor will notify you about your test results. You can also access them through your CoxHealth account. If you're referred to any of our locations for lab testing, visit the registration department first. Then go to the lab. Registration and lab staff work together to direct patients to the correct location for lab services.

How to Prepare for a Lab Test

You may need to take certain steps before your visit. These steps may include fasting, avoiding certain food or not using tobacco products. Be sure to check your patient instructions from your referring physician for details. 

Lab Services

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