At CoxHealth, we're dedicated to being a leading expert in orthopedics in Springfield, Mo., Branson, Mo., and the surrounding region. From physical medicine to sports medicine to orthopedic surgery, including hand, foot, and ankle repair, total joint replacement, podiatric services, and more, it's our privilege to bring you the most advanced orthopedic resources to set you on your path to wellness.

At CoxHealth, our role as a leading regional expert in orthopedics includes joint replacement and surgery.
At CoxHealth, our orthopedics team includes physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians who care for the problems that affect your musculoskeletal system.
At CoxHealth, our commitment to being the leading experts in orthopedics includes sports medicine in Springfield, Mo., Branson, Mo.,  and surrounding communities.
At CoxHealth, our team of pain management physicians, neurosurgeons, and orthopedic surgeons treat Springfield, Mo., Branson, Mo., and the surrounding areas.
At CoxHealth, our physicians and orthopedic surgeons in Springfield, Mo., Branson, Mo., and the surrounding regions understand the complexity and necessity of the health of your hands and upper extremities.
At CoxHealth, our specialists and orthopedic surgeons use the latest technology to assess and treat your foot and ankle problems.
At CoxHealth, our expertise in orthopedics extends to the diagnosis and treatment of osteoarthritis.


While arthritis is one of the best known reasons for joint pain, several conditions can cause this symptom. Learn more, and be sure to talk to your doctor to get a proper diagnosis. 

Additional services include custom orthotics onsite, rotator cuff repair, arthroscopy, occupational-related injury treatment, osteotomy, pediatric orthopedics, podiatric medicine, cartilage repair, and casting, splinting and braces.

Other Conditions we Treat
Other Conditions we Treat Post-surgical pain syndrome Spasticity Workplace injuries
Other Conditions we Treat Carpal tunnel syndrome Back and neck pain Nerve pain
Other Conditions we Treat Muscle pain Pinched nerves Headaches
Other Conditions we Treat Torticollis Dystonia Overuse injuries