CoxHealth offers a variety of inpatient, outpatient and sports medicine rehabilitation services, from acute inpatient care through complete outpatient services.  

A physician helps an older patient with a walker.

Inpatient Rehabilitation

At CoxHealth, inpatient therapy is available in most hospital locations. Dedicated inpatient therapy units are located in Springfield and Branson. 

A therapist helps a patient during physical therapy.

Outpatient Therapy

Outpatient physical therapy is available in locations across the Ozarks, for your convenience. 

A woman receives a massage.

Massage Therapy

CoxHealth offers inpatient and outpatient massage therapy, including special services for new moms during their hospital stay, and infant massage classes. 

A hand therapist helps a patient.

Occupational & Hand Therapy

Occupational therapists help you regain the skills of daily living. Specialized therapy for hand injuries, for children, and for driving skills and safety, is available. 

A pediatric therapy patient cuddles a teddy bear.

Pediatric Therapy

Whether your child requires help with physical abilities, social communication and play, or daily living skills, our therapy sessions are tailored to fit your child’s specific needs. 

A speech therapist works with a child.

Speech Therapy

These treatments are designed to help patients with communication, hearing, cognitive and swallowing disorders gain the best function they can. 

Aquatic therapy can be helpful.

Aquatic Therapy

Low impact exercise and therapy in soothing, warm water can help increase strength and flexibility, improve balance and coordination, and more. 

CoxHealth offers a robust Prosthetics & Orthotics program.

Prosthetics & Orthotics

Live your life without limits, with the help of CoxHealth Prosthetics and Orthotics. Custom fabrication and fitting, outpatient therapy and more.

Comprehensive Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit

The CoxHealth Comprehensive Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit, located at Meyer Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Hospital, is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehab Facilities (CARF), the nationally recognized accrediting authority of organizations serving people with disabilities. CARF monitors health care providers and gives credentials to facilities that meet the highest standards of excellence and quality care. 

Inpatient services are provided 24 hours a day to patients experiencing physical or cognitive deficits as a result of head injuries, strokes, spinal cord injuries and other injuries or illnesses. 

Transitional Care Unit (TCU)

The Transitional Care Unit at the Meyer Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Hospital is a short-term skilled nursing unit designed to help patients transition from acute care to home or the next community-based level of care.  Inpatient nursing services are provided around-the-clock to patients who meet the Medicare criteria for skilled coverage. Therapy services are provided as needed to help you progress to the next level of care. 

Acute Rehab Unit (ARU) 

The CARF-accredited CoxHealth Acute Rehab Unit at Cox Medical Center Branson is designed to help patients recovering from a stroke or serious orthopedic surgery regain function and independence. The home-like environment and interdisciplinary approach encourages patients to meet their rehabilitation goals. We provide around-the-clock care, and encourage family members to participate in therapy sessions.