Today, people are living longer and enjoying active lives. But painful, stiff joints can keep you from doing what you love, whether it’s hiking, playing tennis or chasing after your grandkids. Whether you’re experiencing the joint problems that are common as we age, or an injury or illness has limited what you’re able to do, we’re here to help. At CoxHealth, our orthopedic surgeons experienced nurses and talented rehabilitation team staff state-of-the-art facilities designed to get you back in motion.

Patient Testimonials

Hear from a few of our patients who have had joint replacements and learn about their experiences from pre-surgery, planning and attending our Joint Adventure Class to recovery, follow-up and life after surgery.

Patty's Hip Replacement

Gerry's Knee Replacement

Larry's Knee Replacement

Before & After Surgery

Preparing for your surgery and knowing what to expect afterwards will help you have a successful recovery.

Tips for Protecting Your Joints

Work to S.A.V.E. your joints now, so you can postpone or avoid a joint replacement surgery.

There are a number of conditions or situations that may cause your knee or hip joint to need to be replaced. Osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and infection are common causes. Excess body weight can put stress on your joints, causing them to wear down. Not exercising, an injury or illness that’s caused changes to your joints, or just getting older can also be reasons your joint needs to be replaced.

In Springfield, CoxHealth’s Total Joint Replacement Program is designed to help you through your joint replacement, from education and exercise before your surgery to post-surgery recovery and therapy. The program includes:

  • Joint Adventure Class and exercise program
  • Patient guide book
  • Pre-admission visit with a registered nurse and anesthesiologist
  • Three to four day hospital stay, typically
  • Private room
  • Physical and occupational therapy in individual and group sessions
  • Staff trained and dedicated to the special care of patients with total joint replacements
  • Daily information about expectations and activities.