FitnessWhatever your running goals, we can help.

Whether you want to run faster, run further, improve your technique, prevent and manage injuries or simply connect with other runners, Total Performance Running is for you. This program is designed to improve your physical fitness and running biomechanics to enhance your overall running performance. 

Our team of professionals includes physical therapists, athletic trainers, certified pedorthitists, fitness experts and board-certified and fellowship-trained sports medicine physicians. No matter your running level or experience, we know what it takes to move you to the next level.


CoxHealth Fitness Centers offers a variety of programs and services, from an extensive range of cardio and weight equipment to personal run training; Vo2 max, lactate threshold and body fat testing; and other specialized programming specifically for runners. 

Yoga for Runners 

A yoga routine focused on breathing techniques and unique training tools, designed to address the biggest challenge faced by runners and others who use running in their training. 

Run Training Groups

Annual run trainings vary in length from 5K to marathon and triathlon training, and are led by RRCA and USA-TF Certified Run Coaches.

  • 8-week running courses (variable throughout the year) $25 for CoxHealth Fitness Centers members; $65 for non-members 
  • Trail Running Groups - 2 hours/4 weeks $25 for CoxHealth Fitness Centers members; $65 for non-members 
  • Galloway Run Training - 26-week training program; $100


CoxHealth’s Athletic Advantage program offers strength training and conditioning for athletes ages 10 and older. The goals of this program are to decrease the risk of injury and elevate performance through increased power, strength, flexibility and endurance. Expert athletic trainers and exercise physiologists can tailor a program specific to any runner’s needs.


This anti-gravity treadmill was developed from NASA technology. It allows for a reduction of stress and impact on your legs and joints. This treadmill is not only for rehabilitating injuries, but also for supplemental training to prevent injury.


Our rehabilitation specialists are specifically trained to evaluate runners. We can assess your dynamic movement patterns, conduct strength and flexibility testing, screen for pelvic and leg length asymmetries and perform balance testing. After a thorough assessment, we can develop a creative functional strength and exercise program to address any deficits that were found.

High-speed motion capture and video analysis of your running form from different angles is also available. This information can be used to identify concerns that affect your running efficiency and that may predispose you to injury. Recommendations are customized to meet your specific needs. Biomechanics assessments are $250. 

Total Performance Running is a joint effort of CoxHealth Outpatient Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine, and CoxHealth Fitness Centers.