Shelby Laughlin, MD

Shelby Laughlin, MD

I was born and raised in Perryville, Missouri, a small-ish farm town right outside of the southeast Missouri boot heel. I loved growing up in a rural area. There is a strong possibility that I will end up practicing in a rural area. 

I committed to becoming a doctor right out of high school and have no regrets. I attended the University of Missouri in Kansas City and completed the six-year accelerated BA/MD program. I decided to pursue family medicine because it gives me the opportunity to care for the whole person. Family medicine allows me to pursue a wide range of interests, which is perfect for me since I love to switch things up. I am passionate about women’s health and obstetrics. I also strongly believe in providing quality preventative care. Other interests of mine include mental health, geriatrics, addiction medicine and pediatrics. I chose to have my training done at CoxHealth because the people involved in this residency are like a family. Plus, CoxHealth FMR provides excellent training that caters to all of my interests. 

Aside from medicine, I love spending time with my husband. A lot of our free time is used up either at the gym or hanging out with our two dogs. I am one of those people who is overly obsessed with their pets. I love the outdoors. I feel my best after exercising. I enjoy weightlifting most. Really, the only activity I don’t like is running—I absolutely hate running. A marathon is not in my future!

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