CoxHealth Surgery Center

CoxHealth Surgery Center

For patients needing outpatient surgery, the CoxHealth Surgery Center offers a more efficient experience that will help patients get well and back home as soon as possible.

The center is the site for outpatient surgeries ranging from ear, nose and throat and ophthalmology to general and gynecological procedures and plastic surgery.

With the exception of orthopedics, the majority of outpatient surgeries at CoxHealth are performed at the center, which focuses on efficiency and patient comfort.

As a small unit with four operating suites and a centralized nurses' station, the center is designed to move patients easily from the waiting room to the operating room and minimize the time spent waiting before a procedure. For some patients, post-operative care and dismissals are done from comfortable reclining chairs, rather than traditional hospital beds.

The facility is located on the northwest corner of the Cox South campus, facing Walnut Lawn Street.