Our Child Life program is here to help you and your child cope with hospitalization and surgery. 

Pediatrics Pre-Op Tour 

Pre-Op Tours can help you and your child understand more about your child's upcoming surgery. Your child will be able to see and touch some common medical equipment, and the entire family can take a tour to help you better understand what will happen on surgery day. 

Can't Make it to a Tour?

Pre-Op Tour Books

If your child will be having an inpatient or outpatient hospital procedure, preparation is important. It helps alleviate their fears. If you can’t attend a Pre-Op Tour, our Child Life staff offers tour books with child-friendly medical terminology and photos to explain what will happen on the day of their procedure.

Pre-Op Video

Watch this short video so you and your child can learn what to expect on the day of surgery.

Before coming to the hospital, remember to:

  • Pack comfort items (blanket, pacifier, bottle, sippy cup and/or stuffed animals) plus an extra pair of underwear in case of an accident
  • Pack toys to keep your child occupied while waiting
  • Check with your doctor and follow any pre-op suggestions

Procedure Information

VCUG - Voiding Cystourethrogram

A voiding cystourethrogram (VCUG) is a test that uses X-rays to take pictures of the urinary system. It shows how well the bladder and its connecting tubes (the urethra and the ureters) are working. For more information on VCUG, please download the PDF.

downloadAfter the Test