Our Max Caps Are Gone*

CoxHealth is celebrating newly hired nurses and graduate nurse residents (GNRs) who help us staff our mission-critical hospital units with a one-time offer of unlimited payments toward student loans.

*See eligibility requirements below.

Who's Eligible

  • Newly hired staff nurses or GNRs in the hospital-based positions in the table below.
  • Eligible individuals who have a current student loan balance (not including private loans).
  • Eligible individuals with a pre-existing sign-on bonus or educational assistance contract through CoxHealth remain eligible for this program. Disbursement of additional funding may be delayed until previous repayments and/or contracts have been fulfilled.

Eligible Positions

Department or Unit Campus Location
Department or Unit Medical-Surgical Campus Location All Hospital Locations
Department or Unit Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Campus Location Cox Branson
Department or Unit Inpatient Psychiatric Campus Location Cox North, Cox Branson
Department or Unit Inpatient Rehab Campus Location Meyer Ortho Rehab Hospital, Cox Branson
Department or Unit Transitional Care Unit (TCU) Campus Location Meyer Ortho Rehab Hospital
Department or Unit Clinical Decision Unit (CDU) Campus Location Cox South

How Does It Work?

  1. Accept a full-time staff nurse or GNR position (at least 0.9 FTE) in the eligible departments/locations listed above.
  2. Show us you have student loans to be paid.
  3. Apply for and sign a Student Loan Repayment Work Agreement.
  4. CoxHealth will then pay you (not your lender) $5,250 in exchange for a 1,800 hour (~1 year) work commitment; you then pay that money toward your student loans.

Once you’ve signed your initial agreement, you can keep renewing it annually to receive your next $5,250 payout until your loans are paid-in-full.

What if I Quit or Transfer to a Different Department at CoxHealth?

You will return the money you received that year, minus what you have already worked off. Repayments are made directly to the CoxHealth Accounting Office.

How Do I Apply?

Go to CoxHealth Careers to apply for an eligible staff nurse or GNR position.

Email for questions or more information.

More information on the requirements of these incentive options are contained in the CoxHealth Educational Assistance Program policy, as well as in the Work Commitment Agreement signed by each participant.

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