A couple walks on a golf course, carrying their clubs.

Take your golf game to the next level.

Total Performance Golf is a sport-specific program designed to improve your physical fitness, body mechanics and golf swing – all to improve your overall game. You’ll work with a PGA teaching professional, physical therapists and athletic trainers to identify any deficits in your approach, and develop a plan to improve your abilities on the course. 


Muscle asymmetry, instability, poor posture, imbalance and lack of coordination lead to physical limitations – which can cause swing faults and poor golf game performance. Golf lessons alone aren’t enough to correct these issues. You need golf-specific workouts tailored to your individual physical requirements. You’ll gain a better swing, a more powerful drive and mental strength. 

Yoga for Golfers 

As a golfer, you repeatedly swing from one side of your body to another. This causes overtraining and muscle asymmetry. Luckily, yoga can help. These exercises target your core strength, hip flexibility, lower back, torso rotation, hamstrings and breathing. 

Fitness for Golf

Following the right fitness routine is essential if you want to play the best golf you can. Fitness classes with a golf emphasis are taught by a certified personal trainer in a group setting. Classes are help once a week for eight weeks, and are $25 for CoxHealth Fitness Center members, and $65 for non-members. 


Video Swing Analysis

See your swing frame by frame to diagnose tendencies that are causing inconsistency in ball flight and centeredness of contact. We’ll compare your swing to the swing of a PGA or LPGA tour player of similar body type, demonstrating the correct way to swing. At the end of the lesson, we’ll email you the video highlighting the key points discussed in your session, so you can play it from your home computer and practice the techniques and drills you were taught. There is no better tool to help you understand how to improve your game.

Lessons (55 minutes) Price
Lessons (55 minutes) single lesson Price $45 Fitness Center members, $55 non-members
Lessons (55 minutes) 3 lessons* Price $120
Lessons (55 minutes) 10 lessons* Price $350
Express Lessons (25 minutes) Price
Express Lessons (25 minutes) single lesson Price $30 Fitness Center members, $35 non-members
Express Lessons (25 minutes) 3 lessons* Price $82.50
Express Lessons (25 minutes) 10 lessons* Price $250

*Lesson packages available to CoxHealth Fitness Center members only.


Swing faults, inconsistencies, injuries and poor scores are often an inability to execute a biomechanically correct golf swing. Total Performance Golf is designed to assess your musculoskeletal system as it relates to performing a healthy and effective golf swing.

We emphasize posture, strength, mobility and balance, and follow a biomechanics approach focused on your body – not your club. 

During your assessment, we’ll take your history, conduct a full body video analysis of your golf swing, do a wellness physical examination and review the findings with you. Plus, we’ll develop a home exercise program designed to correct your trouble areas. 

At your follow-up visits, you’ll have one-on-one strengthening, conditioning, balance training, stretching and exercise sessions, designed to help correct the dysfunctions that were noted in your assessment visit. 

In the reassessment phase, we’ll re-examine your trouble areas, conduct a new video analysis of your swing and do another wellness physical examination. 

Biomechanical/musculoskeletal wellness assessments and follow-up visits are performed by a physical therapist or certified athletic trainer. Visits are 55-60 minutes. 

Biomechanics Rates Price
Biomechanics Rates Option 1 (1 visit): assessment, video analysis of golf swing, review of results and development of a home exercise program Price $100
Biomechanics Rates Option 2 (3 visits): assessment and two follow-up visits Price $200
Biomechanics Rates Option 3 (5 visits): assessment, three follow-up visits and a reassessment Price $325

Total Performance Golf is a joint effort of CoxHealth Outpatient Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine, and CoxHealth Fitness Centers.