A dancer stretches with her personal trainer's assistance

Injury rehabilitation and prevention for dancers, gymnasts, figure skaters and stage performers

As a performance artist, the physical demands placed on your body make you as susceptible to injury as any other athlete. The repetitive practice of movements requires extreme flexibility, strength and endurance, and can easily lead to overuse injuries. Our Total Performance Arts program can help prevent injury before it happens, as well as assess and address current injuries through an individualized plan. Getting and keeping performance artists free of injury is key to creating lifetimes of physical activity and performance, and CoxHealth offers comprehensive prevention and rehabilitation programs to help do just that.


Our injury prevention program includes a thorough, full body evaluation and assessment to identify any weaknesses, abnormalities or functional limitations. This includes specialized testing that will be dependent on your specific type of performing art. This is an out of pocket expense and is not covered by insurance.

Cost for Prevention Sessions
Cost for Prevention Sessions One session $75
Cost for Prevention Sessions Three sessions $195
Cost for Prevention Sessions Five sessions $275


If injury happens, our rehabilitation program can help performers return to activities in your field with a specialized strategy. The program includes clinical evaluation by a licensed physical therapist and a plan of are shaped around your limitations, needs and goals. Injury rehabilitation is usually covered by insurance, if applicable. the program requires referral from a physician, and the order should include dance therapy, gymnastics or performance arts in the comments. 

Common Referred Diagnoses for Rehabilitation
Common Referred Diagnoses for Rehabilitation Knee pain Ankle pain Lower back pain
Common Referred Diagnoses for Rehabilitation Ankle sprain Stress fractures Achilles tendinitis
Common Referred Diagnoses for Rehabilitation Neck pain Overuse syndromes Foot pain