We know fitness and nutrition are important to your athletic routine. 

Our Fitness Centers offer classes for strength training, conditioning and flexibility including yoga, Pilates, aqua Pilates, aqua running, triathlon swimming development and much more. 

Sport-specific personal training and coaching is available for swimming, running, cycling and walking/race walking. 

Nutrition consultations with our registered dietitians assess your nutritional needs for your athletic performance goals, and include a personalized meal plan. 

Sports massage helps speed your body's recovery from the physical stress of athletic competition. 

Specialized Testing 

VO2max testing measures your heart rate, anaerobic threshold, blood pressure and more to determine your body's max performance ability. The test can be performed on a bike or treadmill and becomes more challenging as speed, incline or resistance increases in difficulty. VO2max is designed to push your body to the limit, so you’ll be closely monitored to ensure your safety. 

While challenging, the test can be an effective tool for designing an exercise program to help you reach your fitness goals. 

Body Composition estimates the percentage of your body weight that makes up your fat mass and fat-free mass, and may predict some health problems. 

MetaCheck metabolic testing measures how many calories you burn. It compares your actual metabolic rate to the predicted normal values. The test also provides suggested caloric intake and a personalized diet plan based on your results.