Live your life without limits. 

Nearly two million people in the U.S. are living with the loss of a limb. Whether the cause is vascular disease, cancer, diabetes or a traumatic injury—with the right care and support you can keep moving into life. 


We offer all forms of above and below the knee prosthetic care, including:

  • partial foot—Chopart and toe fillers
  • Symes 
  • transtibial—below knee 
  • transfemoral—above knee
  • hip disarticulation and hemi-pelvectomy 
  • upper extremity—all levels. 

Orthotics & Bracing (Custom & Pre-fabricated) 

  • ankle-foot orthosis, knee-ankle-foot orthosis (AFO/KAFO) 
  • comprehensive pediatrics services, including cranial remolding helmets 
  • upper extremity orthoses—wrist, elbow 
  • knee 
  • spine/back
  • scoliosis
  • foot orthotics
  • diabetic shoes and orthotics
  • custom shoes and shoe modifications
  • pediatrics—comprehensive services including cranial remolding orthosis/helmet

Outpatient Therapy West

CoxHealth Prosthetics and Orthotics also offers comprehensive rehabilitation services. Our on-site therapy team, Outpatient Therapy West, works closely with the prosthetics and orthotics staff and has specialized training in amputee and prosthetic rehabilitation. Physical therapists support you at every stage—from pre-prosthesis care to gait and mobility training once you receive your prosthesis.

Fabrication & Fitting 

Custom fabrication and fitting for all types of prosthetic and orthotic devices occur at our main clinic. 

At the Center for Prosthetics and Orthotics, we provide custom fabrication and fitting for all types of prosthetic and orthotic devices.  Our fabrication lab is on-site, allowing efficient and timely response to your specific needs.  Our team of certified prosthetists/orthotists and fitters are dedicated to achieving your perfect fit. Every solution we offer is tailored to your unique needs and goals. No other provider in the area offers more complete expert care – from pre-surgical consults with you and your physician, to help with post-surgery dressings, custom fittings and additional follow-up care. 

A physician’s order is required for all services. Ask your doctor for information.