Bridget's Success Story 2
My name is Bridget. I lost 68 lbs.

I’d lost weight before but gained a lot of it back after getting hit by a car while jogging. It had been at least five years since the accident but I had given up.

I felt like I was destined to be overweight forever.

I still ate somewhat healthy, but I wasn’t getting any exercise and was starting to give into old temptations such as sweets. I was feeling sorry for myself and making excuses for not working out. I believe it was a mental block because I was afraid to start jogging again. I wasn’t feeling good about my body anymore because I could tell how much weight I was gaining. I’d ask friends and family if they could tell how much I was gaining and they would tell me I looked fine.  A lot of people who loved me weren’t being honest with me because they didn’t want to hurt my feelings. 

I started working for CoxHealth in December 2012. I was sitting in new employee orientation, wearing scrubs that I hadn’t worn in about 6 months. I could feel how tight they had become. Denise from the Fitness Centers came to speak. I could tell she really cared about her job and thought highly of the fitness center. She showed us some motivational stories and then told us she would be sitting in the back of the room if we wanted to sign up. I went to talk to her and she took the time to listen to what I liked about fitness. She was so optimistic and encouraging that I joined. I knew I had to do something before I got even bigger. I realized the bigger I got, the more time I would need to take off the weight. 

I knew I needed to change.

The biggest challenge during my journey was making myself go to the gym every day at CoxHealth Fitness Centers at The Meyer Center. I worked out at seven in the morning for an hour each day. I forced myself to eat healthy. I ate five servings of veggies and three servings of fruit. I didn’t go out to eat very often and when I did I ordered something healthy and looked up the calories to make sure it wasn’t outrageous. I didn’t count calories but I listened to my body and stopped eating when I was full. I also didn’t eat anything three hours before going to bed. 

I made myself like healthy foods. I made myself enjoy things like plain oatmeal with fruit so that I actually crave it now. Some people weren’t supportive of me and actually tempted me with food. I made myself strong enough so that I could go out to eat with family and friends at unhealthy places and just order a garden salad with very light dressing or even none at all. It sounds funny but it paid off.

The staff here is different than at any other facility I’ve ever worked out at. They honestly want to help and their friendly smiles are nice to see every day.  They’re always there if you need them, smiling and willingto help if you have a question. I’ve made so many great friends from members to staff. I love everyone here. 

So far in my journey, I’ve completed a total lifestyle change. Most of my weight loss happened in the first year, so now I’m focusing on being toned. I crave fruits and veggies, lean protein and whole grains. I love to work out and swim and recently I started lifting weights - something I thought I’d never do. 

My body doesn’t hurt as much as it used to and I feel so much better about myself.  I’ll continue to be my own motivation. I know I have to do it for myself. I matter to me. 

I’m more confident and I believe in myself again.

To actually lose weight you have to work at it. Don’t make excuses. Don’t tell yourself that you’ll do it tomorrow or the next day or even next week because you won’t. You have to do it now. Get yourself used to making exercise a part of your daily life. Don’t do a diet, do a lifestyle change. And always, always, make sure you believe in yourself.

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