Your child may need a test or procedure while he’s in the hospital. Our treatment rooms are child-friendly spaces on the Pediatric unit in the Dee Ann White Women’s and Children’s Hospital at Cox South. During a procedure, you can stay in the treatment room with your child to offer comfort and support. Before you go with your child to the treatment room, please ask yourself the following questions:  

How do you do with stressful situations involving your child?
How do you react to close quarters and crowded places?  
Have you ever passed out from being exposed to medical equipment (i.e. having blood taken, your child’s shots)? 

After you honestly answer these questions, ask yourself if it’s in the best interest of your child for you to be with her in the treatment room.  

If you decide to accompany your child to the treatment room, here are some ways you can help him effectively cope with the upcoming procedure:

  • For certain procedures you may be able to hold your child on your lap. If this is an option, the staff will go over exactly where to sit and how to hold your child so that everything goes as smoothly as possible. If you’re the holder your job will be to give your child a "big hug" and try and comfort her by singing, or talking to her about some of her favorite things. 
  • Even if you won’t be holding your child, you can stay next to him and say things that usually comfort him in times of stress. Simply talking to your child or singing his favorite songs will help because he will recognize your voice. Maintaining physical contact is also soothing. Holding his hand or stroking his hair is a good idea. Your child will want to hear your voice, see you and feel that you are with him. 
  • Remember your child may cry and this is okay. Sometimes children cry to release tension. It’s not your fault if your child cries. We suggest that you keep talking and touching your child to help calm her. 
  • Don’t tell your child the procedure won’t hurt - it may hurt, but it’s important for your child to be able to trust what you say.