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Best Places to Work™

At CoxHealth our mission is critical. And our people drive our success in keeping our communities safe and healthy. So supporting them is our top priority. Hear our employees from Springfield, Branson, Monett, and Lamar talk about why CoxHealth is the best place to work.

Bailey Flood, MA, Physicians for Women OB-GYN

"Any time we have an idea that we think can help our patient or the workflow, our leaders are very good about saying, 'Okay. I hear you. "Let's try it. They listen."

Courtney Vest, Emergent Care Administration

"Some people change the trajectory of your life. The way my bosses supported and encouraged me helped me reach my potential and set new goals for myself."

Hannah James, BS, RPT, AMT, Emergent Care Administration

"As a new mom, I didn't know how I'd manage being a mom and work and school full time. Eight years and another kid later, I've never had to pick between work or home."

James Lowe, Accounting

"I was able to help the jobs I had no prior experience doing, providing opportunities to further enhance my professional knowledge and to continue to grow."

Jeremy Hargett, EMT, Cox EMS Springfield

"I can go to my supervisor any time I have a question or when we've had a hard call. I can call him for advice - whether about my career or for life advice."

Louie Quinones, MHA, MLS, Laboratory Services

"CoxHealth provides a safe and stable place where there's always room for everyone's ability and talent. There's space for you - for anyone - around the table."

Montana Brady, RN, BSN, Senior Adult Psychiatry

"As an in-home aide, I went to school to become an RN. Now I'm going for my NP degree. CoxHealth's educational assistance programs are helping further my career."

Jenny Easton, Public Safety-Security Captain, Public Safety

"When I came here, I realized my potential to reach people, to help them, and to affect change in our community was so much greater than I gave myself credit for."

Kristina Elrick, RN, Emergency Department

"The variety of shifts and flexibility of self-scheduling gives you the opportunity to make plans based on family and school while advancing your career."

Rachel Morgan, RDMS (BR), RT(R)(M), CN-BI, BBA, The Women's Center in Branson

"It's an open-minded environment. We all bring something different to the table - ways of looking at it from different views - but with the same goal."

Roseann Murphy, Food Service Assistant, Cafeteria

"We work well together as a team. We all work as one. And that's what I love. That's what brings me in to work every day."

Jennifer Choate, RN, Operating Room

"We're very supported - personally and professionally. I have so many resources at my fingertips. I'm better supported in my position than ever."

Rachel Ehrsam, RN, Emergency Department, Med-Surg

"Our leaders are always walking around, talking to patients and staff, asking how they can help. We can talk to them about work, life - anything."

Elena Silvers, RN, Med-Surg

"The flexibility let me continue my education and become an RN."

Elena Silvers, enfermera registrada (RN) – español

“La flexibilidad me dejó continuar mi educación y recibirme de enfermera.”

Luis Vail, Registration Specialist, Outpatient Registration

"I want to reach my full potential. This is a place that I can do that."

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