Recognize an employee with a Partners Spirit or Daisy Award.

Our employees, physicians and volunteers live this personal commitment every day, healing, supporting and touching the lives of our patients and their families. If you’ve experienced the extraordinary care and compassion of our staff and you’d like to recognize the team members who most positively affected your, your friend’s or your family member’s care, please use one of the options below.  

Partners Spirit Award

Partners Spirit recognition is for an employee, physician, volunteer or Cox College student who has made a significant contribution to the benefit of CoxHealth, an individual or the community. The activity for which they are being recognized generally demonstrates excellence or exceeds their normal job responsibilities.

Partners Behaviors

Positive Attitude

Focusing on what is useful, beneficial and worthwhile in every situation. Attitude is displayed in words, actions and facial expressions with co-workers and customers.


Being responsible for actions and behaviors as they affect co-workers and customers.


Being quick to respond in a sensitive manner to needs and expectations.


Helping each other win and taking pride in each other's victories. No one person or department alone can provide for the comprehensive needs of our customers. We achieve our goals and save lives by working together as a team.

No Excuses

Acknowledging mistakes will be made and seeking to correct rather than rationalize or justify the problem.


Serving as a model of positive action, striving for high performance standards and delivering results. Demonstrating technical competence, integrity and superior customer service skills, while setting high standards for him or herself.


Acting with initiative and courage, and understanding that the organization and its customers are depending on us.


Doing everything you can to exceed the needs and expectations of our customers, at all times. 

The DAISY Award

The DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses was created in 2001 as a “thank you” to the nurses deserving of our respect, and as recognition for the education, training, skill and compassion they put into action every workday. The DAISY Award is presented in medical facilities throughout the U.S. Each DAISY Award recipient receives:

  • A certificate signed by the chief nursing officer and Mark Barnes of The DAISY Foundation. It reads, "In deep appreciation of all you do, who you are, and the incredibly meaningful difference you make in the lives of so many people."
  • A DAISY Award pin.
  • A hand-carved Shona sculpture entitled "A Healer's Touch." These serpentine stone sculptures are hand-carved by artists of the Shona Tribe in Zimbabwe. The sculptures are especially meaningful because of profound respect the Shona people pay their traditional healers. Shona healers affectionately regarded as treasures those they care for, and the well-being and safety of the healer is of community-wide importance.