Posted by Randy Berger on Feb. 12, 2018

At CoxHealth, we’re always looking for new ways to hire nurses for the growing need in our community. That’s why CoxHealth recruiters are in Puerto Rico this week and hope to hire around 30 nurses. We’re excited to welcome these well-trained candidates to the Ozarks, and will be introducing you to several of them via social media, with the hashtag #CoxHeathInternational, and here this week. 


For Perla, two things are top-of-mind: Taking care of her young son and serving others as a nurse.

“Taking care of people — I think I was meant to do that,” she says. However, while the Puerto Rican has graduated from college, she hasn’t been able to take her nurse licensing exam due to delays caused by Hurricane Maria. CoxHealth can help her with that, ultimately helping her help others — and have a better life.

 “I want to be stable, and maybe the U.S. is a good chance for me and my son,” she says.

Caring, compassionate and capable people like Perla are why we’re recruiting in Puerto Rico. 


CoxHealth recruiter Marolyn Rodriguez hit the airwaves in Puerto Rico Tuesday morning to talk about our search for nurses this week! She told listeners all about the Ozarks and that it is “muy bonita” — also known as “very beautiful.” 


Ernesto Bravo Diaz originally wanted to be a doctor, but ultimately became a nurse because of the direct care they get to provide patients. He wants to serve at CoxHealth because he sees it as a great opportunity to grow as a student -- he wants to get his master's degree -- and a person. "It's amazing that CoxHealth is giving us this opportunity," he says. "I want to help patients with love."


In Puerto Rico, men shouldn’t be nurses. At least that’s what many believe, leading men to be looked down upon for entering the profession. That, however, didn’t stop Jose Hernandez. The father of three — Angel, Mary and Joaneles — became a nurse years ago but has been unable to find a position because of cultural stereotypes and his lack of experience. Today, he’s applying for a position with CoxHealth so he can do what he’s long hoped to do: Take care of people. “I want to help patients have a good experience,” he says. “I want this opportunity for my family.”


Diandrah always planned to relocate after graduating from nursing school — and out of everywhere in the world, she has now chosen CoxHealth. President of her university’s nursing association, Diandrah says that studying nursing has given her much in life and she wants to give back to the patients that make it so special. “I love when the patients say ‘Thank you for being kind, and for your compassion,’” she says. “I love seeing the patients feel better and better everyday.”


The care Carlos shares with patients is part of a generational legacy: His mother is a nurse, and his sister is a nurse assistant. “It just kind of runs in the family,” he says. Now, the nurse will bring that tradition of serving people to CoxHealth and southwest Missouri. “I’ve always just loved the feeling of helping someone,” he says.