Posted by Janell Patton on Jan. 9, 2018

Kella Lee heard about the Journeys program at Cox Monett Hospital from a co-worker. She was interested in the class because she knew she was overweight, and because she wanted to be a healthy example for her two young children.

 Kella asked Nancy Ridgley, Journeys instructor, about the traditional classroom-style program, but she was too late to register. Nancy asked Kella if she’d be interested in a new program called Journeys From Home.

 “With my odd work schedule I wasn’t able to go to all of the classes of the original Journeys program, but I could do the new program and skype with Nancy,” says Kella, a nurse at Cox Monett Hospital. “It was perfect for my schedule.”

 “She needed to be with her kids, which she is able to do with Journeys From Home,” says Nancy. “It’s a great fit for Kella’s lifestyle.”

 During the eight-week weight management program, participants meet once a week with Nancy via Skype or video. In between these face-to-face video meetings, Nancy emails participants to find out how they are doing with the program.

 “Nancy is always there for me when I need anything – answering my questions or explaining how to do something,” says Kella.

 Each week Kella sends Nancy a food and exercise log, as well as a photo of her scale with her current weight. Kella says keeping the logs has been helpful so she can go back and see what she did certain weeks that led to losing more weight than another week.

 “As I’ve gone through this and changed my lifestyle I’ve learned to be more accountable to myself,” says Kella, who has lost 50 pounds. “I’ve also figured out how to eat healthy and how to show my kids to eat healthy, too. My 4-year-old daughter helps me measure ingredients while cooking meals.”

 With exercise, Kella’s main goal was to be able to be active at home with her kids. Through guidance from Nancy and a personal trainer she learned to incorporate exercise into her life. For example, she walks with her 1-year-old son in the stroller and runs around the backyard with her daughter.

 Kella’s advice: “It’s hard to do it by yourself. You need to find a program that works and is supportive – that’s the best thing.”

Interested? Please call Nancy at 417-354-1280.