Posted by Kaitlyn McConnell on June 11, 2018 An individual helps explain bone health to a woman.

As individuals age, things as simple as a fall, a lifting or twisting motion, or even a hug can easily break one or more bones. These breaks – called fragility fractures when occurring in bones with osteoporosis – happen in more than 2.1 million people each year. Unfortunately, the fractures often change individuals’ quality of life, and increase the risk of subsequent fractures in the future.  

These facts are why CoxHealth has launched Fracture Liaison Services, a program that works with adults age 50 and over after a fracture to help them avoid other bone breaks in the future. These services include a bone health evaluation with laboratory exam, as well as bone mineral density testing. Additionally, the team performs risk assessments for falls and balance, social issues, and even home environments, where simple changes can minimize the risk for future fractures.

“We see this as an opportunity to help improve patients’ lives,” says Deann Stowe, Fracture Liaison Services coordinator with CoxHealth. “One in two women, and one in four men, over the age of 50 will experience a fragility fracture in their lifetime. So many times, individuals suffering from osteoporosis experience fractures repeatedly. We can help these individuals identify ways they can hopefully slow the progression of osteoporosis, and avoid falls in the future.”

Besides its other offerings, Fracture Liaison Services can help patients identify ways to cover the cost for related medications in certain situations. Stowe mentions one particular patient, who needed a medication to help offset her osteoporosis.

“I got it for her for free,” says Stowe, noting that they are able to work with insurance and medication companies to secure products for patients.

Individuals interested in participating in the program may call 417-875-2797 for more information.