Posted by Brandei Clifton on April 21, 2017

Juliana Chini told her husband 44 years ago that she’d work at the hospital for just two years to help get caught up on bills – she’s still happily here.

She started out as a housekeeper but quickly worked her way up to head cook in Branson, and she sure knows her way around a kitchen! “I just love to cook anything,” Chini said. “But I especially love to bake! You should try my homemade bread! But, it’s not only the food I love about this job--it’s the people.”

Juliana lost her husband 12 years ago and says her co-workers and patients at Cox Medical Center Branson have become her family.

“We’ve been together so long here. We’re here for each other, and we can tell when something’s wrong. We know how to make each other smile.”

And, Juliana definitely has a smile to share. As time went on, she found herself in a new position at the cafeteria register and says she can’t help but spread kindness as people come through her line.

“I have this motto that you’ll never get old if you stay young at heart. God put us here for a reason. Sometimes, I feel like a missionary. As people come through my line, I can tell when something is wrong. I take time to ask people how their day is going. I will stay and let them talk about it – just being there for each other is what this place is all about.”