Internships, Practicums & Clinical Rotations

Clinical Rotations and Student Learning Experiences

Step-by-Step Guide

1. Click on "Student Learning Experience Engagement"

Students who have not secured a CoxHealth preceptor, skip to step 2 (SLE online application); complete this step once a preceptor has been secured.

Student Learning Experience (SLE) Engagement Form: The student will submit the SLE Engagement form each time they agree to a Student Learning Experience or clinical rotation with a CoxHealth employee as their supervisor. The number of hours in rotation is the number of hours that you will spend directly with your preceptor. The preceptor is the CoxHealth employee who acts as your supervisor during your clinical rotation

2. Click on “Student Learning Experience Application” to begin the online application.

You will be automatically directed through the next steps.

  1. Student Learning Experience Application
  2. TB Risk Assessment Questionnaire
  3. Blood/Body & Confidentiality Agreements
  4. Annual CoxHealth HIPAA Privacy Training and Quiz
  5. Student Orientation Training & Quiz

3. Click on “Compliance Checklist” to download the correct list of supporting documentation that is required.

Compliance Checklist: All students, except current employees, who are participating in Student Learning Experiences or clinical rotations at CoxHealth as defined above (see Program Overview) are required to submit official documentation supporting the application requirements outlined in this checklist. School immunization records are not considered official medical documents. Students who are current CoxHealth employees will skip ahead to step 4 (Letter of Good Standing).

Be sure to read the information provided in the links:

  1. Immunization Requirements for Student Learning Experiences at CoxHealth
  2. FAQ for Student Learning Experiences

Use the Compliance Checklist to verify your paperwork’s completion before you submit documents to or fax to (417)269-8472.

4. Contact your program coordinator to request a Letter of Good Standing.

This letter must specifically state the dates or semester that your experience will take place. The letter must be submitted by a representative of the school or program in which the student is currently enrolled.

5. Submit a professional photo with your application materials.

If you will be requesting a CoxHealth ID badge (check with your CoxHealth supervisor), you will submit a photo with a professional appearance. Review the following guidelines before submitting a photo:

  • Taken within the past 6 months, showing current appearance
  • Color image with no filters or heavy shadows
  • Full face, front view with a plain or off-white background
  • With neutral facial expression and both eyes open

6. The Education Center will review submissions.

After a team member has reviewed your application materials, you will receive an email containing instructions on your next steps (including but not limited to):

  • A list of any outstanding items remaining to be submitted
  • Electronic charting education (if applicable)


What is a Student Learning Experience at CoxHealth?

A Student Learning Experience (SLE) at CoxHealth is an experience that is required or recommended by the school program in which the student is currently enrolled. Examples of these learning experiences include but are not limited to clinical rotations, unpaid internships, externships, or clinical practicums.

What is involved in the application process for Student Learning Experiences/Clinical Rotations?

Student Learning Experience Application

  • Two page application
  • TB Risk Assessment Questionnaire
  • Confidentiality and Security Agreement
  • Blood/Body Fluid Exposure Policy and Policy Acknowledgment

Student Learning Experience Engagement Form

  • Must be signed by student and CoxHealth supervisor/preceptor
  • Must be submitted once per Student Learning Experience

Compliance Checklist

  • Students must submit copies of all items listed on this checklist
  • Current employees are exempt from all items on this list except the school’s insurance

Cerner Education (required only if requesting Cerner access)

Optional: Professional photo for ID badge (required only if student does not have a badge; required for all pharmacy students)

When are application materials due?

All application materials are due at least thirty days before the rotation start date. Students who submit application materials after the thirty-day deadline may be asked to choose a later start date and will have delayed access to computer systems.

Is the application process for Student Learning Experiences any different for current employees?

Employees will submit the following for a student learning experience:

  • Student Learning Experience Application
  • Student Learning Experience Engagement Form
  • Letter of Good Standing from school
  • Proof of school’s professional liability insurance policy for students
  • Cerner Education (required only if requesting Cerner access)

What is the difference between a Federal, National, and State/Criminal background checks?

A Federal background check reviews federal court records. A National background check reviews state and county criminal court records. A State/Criminal background check reviews criminal data stored at the state level.

What background checks are required for participation in Student Learning Experiences at CoxHealth?

A Federal background check and a State/Criminal background check are required to be submitted with all other application materials. A national background check is not required.

What else do I need to know about background checks for Student Learning Experiences at CoxHealth?

  • Both the Federal and State/Criminal checks must be run for any state where the student has lived or worked for the past seven years.
  • For positions that have direct contact and routine access to hospital patients, students with convictions involving violence to persons or sex offenses within the past seven years will be excluded from participating.
  • For positions that have access to, or prescribe, order, or administer controlled substances, students with convictions relating to controlled substances within the past seven years will be excluded.

Where can I have a background check done?

Some schools require background checks upon entry to the program. Contact your school’s registrar to request a copy of your state and federal background check. If the school does not have this record, the student will have to request these background checks for themself.

If you have to request a background check, CoxHealth uses the Missouri Automated Criminal History Site: MACHS Background. The total cost for a complete background check is $41.75 per applicant. If you do not need a complete (federal and state) background check, the fee will vary. Please contact the Education Center for the registration code.

Do I need a Urine Drug Screen completed?

Check with your program coordinator about arranging a drug screen since many schools are responsible for the cost (per the contract made with CoxHealth).

You will need to obtain a drug screen that tests for the following 10 items: Amphetamines, Barbiturates, Benzodiazepines, Cocaine, Methadone, Opiates, Oxycodone, Phencyclidine, Propoxyphene, Cannabinoids.

If your school cannot make any recommendations, you can do an internet search for “ten panel urine drug screen.” Some doctor’s offices offer the test, but prices vary and insurance likely won’t cover the cost. If you are currently living in/around the Springfield area, you may look into going to LabCorp or Any Lab Test Now. Please request the results to be sent directly to the CoxHealth’s Student Scheduling Team at

Why can’t I use my high school vaccination record?

Proof of immunity and documentation of immunizations must be from the office or clinic where the vaccine was administered or the screening was performed. The high school record is simply a summary or your immunizations; it is not a medical record.

I am missing a vaccination requirement found on the Compliance Checklist. Where can I obtain the necessary vaccine?

Talk to a school representative first. Your program may be responsible for certain screenings or immunizations.

If your program coordinator cannot provide any direction, you may consider price-checking the following resources:

  • Your primary care provider
  • Westside Public Health Center, a division of Springfield-Greene County Health Department; 417-874-1220
  • Your local county health department; a directory can be found online at
  • Jordan Valley Community Health Center; 417-831-0191
  • Various Walgreens, Walmart, Hy-Vee and CVS locations

What are the requirements for the professional style photo? Do I need to pay to have this done?

There is no need to pay to have this photo taken. If you have a professional style photo, you may use it. If you do not have a professional style photo, follow the guidelines below. Photos are submitted to

  • Color photo, taken in last 6 months
  • Use a plain off-white background
  • Have someone else take your photo—no selfies
  • Take off your eyeglasses for your photo
  • Use a clear image of your face
  • Do not use filters commonly used on social media

What is required for access to computer systems and electronic charting?

All students, regardless of employee status, are required to complete training before access can be granted. NP/PA/Medical student training is an in person class held most Mondays in Springfield. Most other trainings are computer modules with online exams. The Student Scheduling Team will provide you with the appropriate instructions for training.

I completed Cerner training for a Learning Experience/Clinical Rotation last semester. Do I have to retake it?

Any student who logged into Cerner less than 365 days before their start date does not have to retake training unless they are returning as a different type of student.

I am a current employee. Do I need to complete Cerner training?

If you need Cerner access as a student, training is required, regardless of your employee status. Even if you are an employee who currently uses Cerner in your job, training is required for student access. Use of your employee Cerner account during a learning experience is a violation of the Confidentiality and Security Agreement and may result in disciplinary action.

Are there any housing options available to students?

Although CoxHealth does not offer onsite housing options for students, we have researched options close to our campuses that offer short-term lease options. Please contact us for more information.

Will I receive an ID badge?

As a student completing a learning experience, you will be provided a CoxHealth student badge if you do not already have one provided by your program. Your CoxHealth supervisor/preceptor will receive your ID badge through inter-office mail. Please submit a professional style photo to the Education Center no later than 30 days before your rotation begins if you need an ID badge.

Do I have to return my badge in between learning experiences?

No, you may hold onto your badge. Access will be de-activated between rotations.

What do I do with my badge once my learning experience has ended?

If you are not participating in any additional student experiences at CoxHealth, please leave your badge with your CoxHealth supervisor/preceptor on your last day of your Student Learning Experience. If you are at Cox South, you may return your badge to Security across the hall from the Cafeteria.

What do I do if I lose my badge?

The student should notify the Education Center that the badge was lost. Security charges a fee to make a replacement badge. The Education Center will make arrangements with Security for a replacement once Security has received the replacement fee from the student.

What is the due date for application materials to be submitted?

All items are required to be submitted 30 days before the start date of your Student Learning Experience.

What happens if I submit the documentation after the 30-day deadline?

Computer account access, ID badge, and parking permit will be delayed. For example, if the paperwork is submitted 5 business days after the deadline, you should expect a delay of 5 business days on these items. You may also be asked to delay your start date.

Can I start my learning experience or clinical rotation before submitting application materials?

No. Students should not be on site until the Education Center has received, reviewed, and verified all application materials.

I have one or two Hepatitis B vaccines, but not the full series. What do I need to do?

If you have time before your rotation starts, you can obtain the remaining vaccines to complete the series (regardless of when you received the first vaccine). If your learning experience will begin before you can obtain a full series of the Hepatitis B vaccine, you may sign a waiver. Email to request a copy of the waiver.

I cannot obtain documentation of Chickenpox history from my pediatrician. How can I prove immunity?

If you are sure that you had the disease but cannot obtain official documentation, you can get a blood test to prove immunity. To locate a testing site, contact your program coordinator or do an internet search for “Varicella blood test [city, state]”. For example, if you are residing in Springfield, MO, you can search “Varicella blood test Springfield MO” to find available testing locations and prices.

I have the full series of the vaccine, but I obtained a blood test that shows I am not fully immune. Do I need another vaccine?

Yes. If the most recent testing does not show immunity, a booster shot is required.

Where should I park?

Students should always park in parking spaces marked by white lines. Parking spaces marked by yellow lines are reserved for patients. Remember the phrase “White is alright, yellow is for the other fellow.” Simple gestures like leaving the spaces closest to the door for our patients is one way to exemplify CoxHealth’s Values of Safety, Compassion, Respect, and Integrity.

Vaccination Requirements for Student Learning Experiences

Vaccines Required

Documentation of the following vaccines are required before students can begin a learning experience at CoxHealth:

  • Varicella
  • MMR
  • Tdap
  • Flu
  • Tuberculosis (TB) test
  • Hepatitis B

Varicella (Chickenpox)

CoxHealth requires all students to prove immunity to Varicella. Proof of immunity for Varicella includes:

  • Signed doctor's note on official letterhead attesting to student’s history of disease OR
  • Results of a positive blood test (titer) OR
  • Immunization record of two Varicella vaccines (may be documented as Varivax® or MMRV) OR
  • Immunization record showing history of Chickenpox with the date the disease was diagnosed

MMR (Measles, Mumps and Rubella)

CoxHealth requires all students to prove immunity to Measles, Mumps (Rubeola), and Rubella. Proof of immunity for MMR includes:

  • Results of a positive blood test (titer) for all three diseases (Measles, Mumps (Rubeola), and Rubella) OR
  • Immunization record of two MMR vaccines (may also be documented as ProQuad® or MMRV)


CoxHealth requires all students to submit documentation of a Tdap vaccine. The Tdap vaccine is commonly confused with the children's version called Dtap. For participation in student learning experiences at CoxHealth, the adult version, Tdap, is required. Documentation showing Td or Tetanus vaccines are not proof of Tdap. Tdap may also be recorded on the immunization record as the brand names Adacel® or Boostrix®.

Flu Shot

A flu vaccine is only required during flu season (October 1 through April, per CDC guidelines). Documentation of a flu vaccine must be for the current flu season. A flu vaccine from any other flu season is not acceptable. If you cannot receive a flu shot due to an allergy (or other contraindication), you must submit a doctor's note on official letterhead for CoxHealth Infection Prevention to review and consider. All types of flu vaccines are accepted by CoxHealth. To learn more about different types of flu vaccines, see information from the CDC.

Tuberculosis (TB) Test and Risk Assessment Form

CoxHealth requires all students to submit documentation of a negative TB test read upon or after enrollment to the current program. A TB test may also be referred to as PPD reading. Students are also required to complete CoxHealth’s TB Risk Assessment form. Additional testing may be required if the student has identified any risk factors on the Risk Assessment form. Any form of TB testing approved by the CDC is acceptable to CoxHealth. If a student’s TB test shows positive results, a chest x-ray is required to determine if the student has TB.

Hepatitis B

CoxHealth requires students participating in learning experiences to have immunity to Hepatitis B, or sign a waiver declining the vaccine. Hepatitis B may be documented on the immunization record as Engerix-B®, Recombivax HB®, or Heplisav-B®. Acceptable documentation for CoxHealth’s Hepatitis B requirement include:

  • Results of a positive blood test (titer) OR
  • Immunization record of three Hepatitis B shots OR
  • Signed waiver declining vaccine

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