Children of different ages lie on their backs on a field of green grass and smile at the camera.

Ready to be active member of the health care team? 

Whether we’re holding Pre-Op Parties, lending a hand in the Treatment Room or easing fears in the ER, Child Life is important to making sure a child's health care experience - and their family's - is as smooth and stress-free as possible. 

It’s a rewarding career. That’s why we’re also so happy to help prepare students who are interested in becoming child life professionals. 

For students, we offer an variety of opportunities to learn more about the field, from 600-hour internships to practicums and half-day conferences. Ready to learn more? Contact us today.

Child Life Internships

Our internship program is a 600-hour experience that received accreditation through September 30, 2022 by the Association of Child Life Professionals. Please review our internship information for details about the program, internship application and schedule for application and acceptance to the program.

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Child Life Practicums

If you’re interested in the CoxHealth Child Life Practicum, submit an application, a cover letter and résumé. Materials should be submitted the semester before you are seeking placement. Send materials via email or mail to Rana Post.

Practicum Session Application Postmark Deadline
Practicum Session Spring Practicum Application Postmark Deadline Oct. 25
Practicum Session Summer Practicum Application Postmark Deadline Feb. 25
Practicum Session Fall Practicum Application Postmark Deadline May 25

Child Life 101 / 201

Are you interested in learning how Child Life operates in the hospital setting, and how to become a Certified Child Life Specialist? Then join us for a Child Life 101 or 201 session at Dee Ann White Women’s and Children’s Hospital located at Cox Medical Center South. 

101 and 201 are offered in rotating spring semesters. Check the application for course dates and more information. 

During these half-day conferences, you'll have the opportunity to meet our Child Life staff and learn about their individual coverage areas. We'll also discuss Child Life's role in the medical team, professionalism, and preparation for Child Life Practicums, Internships and the Association of Child Life Professionals Exam. You'll also be able to tour our Pediatric/PICU unit and other areas of the hospital where children are cared for. Come and enjoy a day of learning with our staff.