We’re here to help create the best value for providers and business customers through CoxHealth products and services. We help CoxHealth grow through contracting, sales and business development. 

Our Staff

CoxHealth Network
CoxHealth Network David Raney Vice President, CoxHealth Network
CoxHealth Network Audra Lesly Senior Director
CoxHealth Network Kelley Bolton Executive Assistant
Commercial Contracting
Commercial Contracting Brett Stiles Contract Finance Manager
Commercial Contracting Aimee Lyming Reimbursement Analyst
Commercial Contracting Robert Walden Payment and Quality Innovation Manager
Commercial Contracting Lisa Pennetta Contract Manager
Commercial Contracting Glenda Guthrie Contract Specialist
Commercial Contracting Tiffany Deepe Contract Specialist
Commercial Contracting Amanda Schudy Independent Provider Specialist
Commercial Contracting Denise Osborn Contract Resolution Specialist
Credentialing Amanda Rash Credentialing Supervisor
Credentialing Joan Dhondt Credentialing Specialist

Sales & Business Development

The CoxHealth Business Connections team is your single point of contact for complete health care services and help managing costs.