Massage can help relieve muscle spasms, increase your joint flexibility and range of motion, promote relaxation and help reduce stress. CoxHealth Fitness Centers offers massage therapy at our Meyer Center, Cox North and Republic locations.

Relaxation Massage

In this traditional form of massage, the therapist rubs your muscles to help reduce tension and pain, improve blood flow, and relieve stress. 

Reflexology Massage

For every part of your body, including your organs and glands, there are reflex areas in your hands and feet that correspond. A massage therapist uses theirthumbs and fingers to stimulate these reflexes and promote circulation in those areas. Reflexology is not intended to treat or diagnose any medical condition but to help promote better health and wellbeing. 

Prenatal Massage

Prenatal massage is designed for the second and third trimesters of your pregnancy. It reduces stress, fatigue, leg cramps and swelling, as well as lower back and hip discomfort. 

Sports Massage 

For athletes, sports massage is useful before or after a sport event. It increases flexibility, can prevent or heal injuries and helps muscle strains. 


Cupping massage can address muscle spasms, inflammation, pain, fibromyalgia, muscle soreness from athletic events and more. During the massage, plastic cups are placed on your affected areas and light suction is used to create space between the muscle and fascial layers. This deep tissue method increases the flow of blood and nutrients to your muscles, resulting in an increased range of motion and a reduction of pain and scarring.  

Facial Cupping 

The light suction created during facial cupping works on your facial muscles to decrease spasms, improve sinus and lymphatic drainage of your face and neck, and may help with headaches and TMJD issues. It also helps smooth your skin and temporarily reduces the appearance of lines. This technique is great for mature skin. 

Micro Myo Fascial Technique 

Myo means muscle, and fascia is the connective tissue. This technique has a "to the bone" effect, using tiny movements to do detail work around joints. When fascia is compressed upon itself, then released, back and forth, over and over, the connective tissue relaxes. In turn, the muscles experience more freedom in range of motion and thus less pain. An example is the superficial back fascia band, which begins at the bottom of your feet, extends over the entire back surface of your body and ends just above your eyebrows. 

Precision Neuromuscular Therapy (PNMT) 

For every symptom you may present, there are multiple possible causes. PNMT is a science-based approach to massage backed by scientific study and relevant clinical research. During PNMT, you receive a massage session created exactly for you, rather than a set routine. It is an approach to problem solving in soft-tissue therapy that is not limited to any one form of treatment, other than the massage therapist’s hands. g, evening and weekend hours are available by appointment. 

Rates Member / CoxHealth employee Non-member
Rates 30 minutes Member / CoxHealth employee $35 Non-member $40
Rates 60 minutes Member / CoxHealth employee $55 Non-member $65
Rates 90 minutes Member / CoxHealth employee $80 Non-member $95
Rates 120 minutes Member / CoxHealth employee $115 Non-member $135

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