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Requests for clinical emergencies must be made by phone: 417-269-3460.  

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Literature Search

Health care professionals may request a literature search for use with patient care or hospital business. 

Journal Article(s) Request

Request reprints from journals for patient care or hospital-related business. 

Reviewed:  November 2017

Books & Journals


Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature is the world's most comprehensive source for nursing & allied health journals. 

eBooks (Books @ Ovid)

Online full-text health sciences books.

eBooks (EBSCO)

High-quality e-book titles covering a broad range of health sciences.

Full Text Finder

Alphabetic listing of CoxHealth Libraries print journals and online books and journals.

Medline (EBSCO)

As the medical counterpart to CINAHL, Medline is the world's most comprehensive source for medical information.

OneSearch@CoxHealth Libraries

This provides a one-stop search of all library resources. ​

CoxHealth Libraries Online Catalog

Find books or journals owned by the libraries.

Ovid Databases

Search article databases including AMED, HAPI, HealthSTAR and Medline; access online books or Cox Full Text Journals.


Search the NLM for health sciences articles. Items owned by the CoxHealth Libraries have been noted with an icon. A library-issued user id and password may be necessary for access to resources through PubMed.

Web Links

Web resources on health care topics selected by our librarians.

Reviewed:  November 2017

Point of Care Resources

Dynamed Plus

Point-of-care evidence-based reference tool which includes disease and condition overviews and recommendations.

Lexicomp (On Campus Only)

Point-of-care drug information, including dosing, administration, warnings and precautions, as well as clinical content, such as clinical practice guidelines, IV compatibility, and other tools.

Lippincott Procedures (On Campus Only)

Real time access to nursing and physical therapy procedures and skills.  

UpToDate (On Campus Only)

An evidence-based, physician-authored clinical decision support resource which synthesizes the most recent medical information into trusted, evidence-based recommendations that are proven to improve patient care.

VisualDx (On Campus Only)

A comprehensive online medical image library in which each image is accompanied by a synopsis of the diagnosis presented. VisualDx also provides a Differential Builder to assist with determining a diagnosis.

Reviewed:  November 2017

Library Education

Database Tutorials & Help


See  the Evidence Based section of this page for assistance with locating EB literature.

Introduction to the CoxHealth Libraries (Video)

Provides a brief overview of the CoxHealth Libraries collection and services.

Full Text Finder (Video)

How to identify if an article is available online through the CoxHealth Libraries.

Google Scholar (Video)

Demonstrates how to view subscriptions provided by the CoxHealth Libraries when searching Google Scholar outside of the network.

Locating Journal Articles Using CINAHL with Full Text  (Video)

Demonstrates how to complete a basic search using CINAHL with Full Text and how to retrieve located articles.

Searching Medline with Full Text (Video)

Learn to search for journal articles using EBSCO Medline.

Database Help

Database Access Troubleshooting

Information on recommended software/settings for library databases.

EBSCO Search Interface Explained  

Explains the features of the EBSCO interface that may be used when performing a search.  

How do I know if an article is nursing?

Determine if an article is from a nursing journal or written by a nurse.

Limiting a Search to Retrieve Articles from Nursing Journals 

Limit your CINAHL or Medline search to only include citations from nursing journals.  

Printing, E-Mailing, Saving or Linking to a Full Text Article  

Instructions for printing, e-mailing, saving or providing a link to full-text articles available through EBSCO databases.

Selecting Multiple EBSCO Databases 

An explanation of the EBSCO Interface and how to use it. 

Reviewed: November 2017

Evidence-Based Literature Searching

CINAHL - Locating Evidence-Based Articles  (Video)

Find evidence based nursing and health sciences articles. 

Assessing Literature to Determine Quality 

Use this grid to help determine the quality of an article or other scholarly information. 

Evidence Based Limits for CINAHL Publication Types 

Suggested CINAHL (nursing and allied health) database limits to retrieve evidence based literature. 

Evidence Based Limits for Medline Publication Types 

Suggested Medline database limits to retrieve evidence based literature.    

Limiting a CINAHL Search to Retrieve Evidence Based Articles   

Step-by-step directions to limit a CINAHL search to retrieve evidence based articles. 

Limiting a Medline Search to Retrieve Evidence Based Articles

Step-by-step directions to limit a Medline search to retrieve evidence based articles.

Reviewed: November 2017

Library Handouts

Evaluating Web Sites  

The internet is unregulated and anyone can publish anything online.  Use these criteria to help assess a web site. 

Is it a Scholarly Journal or a Popular Magazine?  

Decide if a "magazine" or "journal" is considered professional, scholarly or simply for leisure.   

Library Catalog Record Explained  

Have you ever wondered what all of the information on a catalog record means?   

NLM Classification  

Provides a basic understanding of how health sciences literature is arranged in the library.  

Subject - Pronoun Agreement
Describes the proper usage of "he", "she", and "they" when writing a paper using APA Style.

Reviewed: November 2017

Research Guides

Controversial Topics in Health Care 

Tips for selecting a pro/con health care topic, researching and writing a persuasive paper or speech, and analyzing controversial issues.  

Evidence Based Practice 

General information as well as books, web sites and tutorials on providing health care that is guided by a thoughtful integration of the best available scientific knowledge with clinical expertise. 

Nursing Theory and Theorists  

Resources on selected nursing theories and theorists.  

Pain Management  

Resources for information on the management of acute and chronic pain. 

Reviewed: November 2017

To earn CE credit for library education see the HealthStream catalog.