We partner with St. Louis' most trusted fertility specialists.

If you’re trying to conceive, CoxHealth offers treatment and support in partnership with the physicians of Barnes Jewish Hospital and Washington University Physicians in St. Louis. 

Working with your OB/GYN, the specialists offer appointments via telemedicine, allowing you to meet virtually with the team of reproductive endocrinology and infertility specialists. 

If a treatment is decided on, most required labs, ultrasounds and necessary medications can be coordinated at Cox Medical Center South while procedures are performed in St. Louis.

Fertility Preservation

For cancer patients

Some medications and surgical cancer treatments can affect male and female fertility, and many cancer patients are advised to delay pregnancy during, and for a period of time following, cancer treatment. For many patients, fertility can be preserved prior to, or sometimes during, treatment. Through our partnership with the Washington University Fertility and Reproductive Medicine Center, we can work with you to help you understand your options. 

Non-cancer related fertility preservation

When frozen, eggs, sperm and embryos do not age. In fertility planning, cryopreservation can be used during different stages of your life, and for different reasons. Women may choose to freeze unfertilized eggs help ensure their options for fertility later in life. Men may bank sperm if they are facing medical treatments that may affect future fertility, to have sperm readily available during IVF or IUI, or prior to a vasectomy. Embryos not used during IVF may be preserved for future use. Contact us to discuss your options.