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What are Virtual School Clinics?

Virtual School Clinics are clinics inside school locations, operated by Virtual Visits and made possible through funding from the Missouri Foundation for Health, United States Department of Agriculture and Children's Miracle Network Hospitals.

What is virtual care?

Virtual care is a method of providing healthcare remotely with an internet connection, web camera and specialized medical equipment to connect patients with licensed providers.

What are the benefits of using Virtual School Clinics?

Virtual School Clinics using virtual care allows your child to be connected to medical care while he or she is still at school. This means your child gets care more quickly and misses fewer school days, while you miss fewer days of work. 

What is the goal of Virtual School Clinics?

To help schools reduce the number of days children and faculty miss school for health-related issues by providing an on-site clinic that is easy and affordable to access.

How do Virtual School Clinics work for students?

When a student is sick, he or she will be sent to the school nurse for evaluation. If the school nurse finds your child's ailment is able to be treated by a licensed provider through a virtual visit, the school nurse will contact you. 

A licensed provider will examine your child using a web camera and specialized equipment. You'll participate in this visit with your child, either in-person or through a video connection. 

Who will care for my child?

Virtual visits are provided by CoxHealth licensed providers. Much like a visit to an urgent care clinic or a walk-in clinic, a virtual visit will not change your child's primary care provider. 

What types of conditions can be treated?

Currently, we diagnose and treat common acute illnesses such as cough, cold, sore throat, ear infection and pink eye. Additional services such as asthma care and speech therapy may be available at specific locations.

Do you write prescriptions?

If a prescription is required, it will be sent electronically by the licensed provider to the pharmacy of your choice.

How can I participate in my child's visit if I can't be there in person?

A parent or legal guardian is required to participate in the visit. You may come to the school, or you can join by video with a smart phone, tablet or computer with a web cam without leaving your home or workplace. Don't worry - we'll help you get connected. For assistance, please call 417-269-8633 or 1-888-805-8956.

How much does it cost?

Virtual School Clinics are a low-cost service. Prices vary based on location and insurance plan. Please talk to your school navigator or call 417-269-8633 or 1-888-805-8956 for pricing.

How do I enroll my child for this service?

It's easy. Just complete and return the Virtual School Clinics enrollment and consent form provided by your child's school or available for download here. You can submit your completed consent form directly to your child's school, or by faxing it to 417-269-7036.

Your child must have a signed consent form on file before he or she will be able to participate. 

This does not mean your child will be treated without your consent. You will always be contacted prior to any visit with a virtual care provider.

When are Virtual School Clinics available?

This service is available during normal school hours. If your child's school is closed due to inclement weather, holidays, etc., Virtual School Clinics will also be closed. 

Outside of school hours, please use our regular Virtual Visits service.

Will my child's primary care provider receive information from the visit?

If your child's primary care provider is affiliated with CoxHealth, he or she will receive information on this visit through your child's electronic medical record. The provider will be able to see the care that was received, and the specific care plan for that visit. 

If your child's primary care provider is not affiliated with CoxHealth, records from your child's Virtual School Clinics visit can be sent to his or her pediatrician. Simply request this at the time of the visit.

Similar to receiving care at other CoxHealth facilities, if your child is not feeling better following the Virtual Visits appointment, please contact your primary care provider. If you do not currently have a primary care provider, please call 417-269-4636.

How will I get records from my child's visit?

A summary of your child's visit will be sent, using secure messaging, to the email address on your child's enrollment form. If you don't have email access, the information can be mailed to you, or made available for pick-up in our Heath Information Records department. 

Who do I contact if I have additional questions?

For additional questions about Virtual School Clinics, please call 417-269-8633 or 1-888-805-8956, or email