As soon as you enter our program, we begin planning for your return to home, work or school. We carefully consider your strengths, needs, abilities and preferences as we set goals and objectives for your treatment. 

To help you transfer the skills you learn here to less structured surroundings, we use actual and simulated situations in your therapy. Situations including meal preparation, budgeting, social interactions, work site interventions and even community outings are all used to help you regain the skills of daily living. 

Follow-up Care

Even after treatment you may be faced with new challenges. Helping you manage these challenges and develop a satisfying quality of life is our key concern. We focus on your strengths rather than your deficits, and provide follow-up services to help continue your improvement. This could include continuing a single therapy, or connecting you with a variety of community resources. 

Ozark Neuro Rehab Center is a division of Ozark Health Ventures, a community service of CoxHealth and Mercy. Physician referral is required. Please fax referrals to 417-269-0582.