Our group exercise classes give you a break from your regular fitness routine. Pair up additional strength and toning for targeted areas or break up the monotony of cardiovascular equipment to keep things fresh. Plus, working out with a group offers fun, built-in support and accountability.

To help you find the class that’s right for you, we offer introductory, beginner and advanced levels for most classes, plus flexible scheduling. If a class isn’t labeled by level but only by the class name, consider it just a step above a beginner level.

If you’ve taken a similar class before or feel that you have the basic skills for a certain class, you’re welcome to sign-up. Classes will progress at the rate of your ability.

Class Levels

Introductory–Our introductory classes are shorter, and offer you the opportunity to try out a new class without committing to an 8-week session.  

Beginner–If you’ve never taken a certain type of class or aren’t familiar with the skills needed, our beginner classes are for you. You’ll get a solid foundation in the discipline and progress in your abilities during the 8-week session.  

Advanced–If class participants master the beginner level and desire more instruction, we’ll add advanced level classes.  

Class Listings

Classes are offered at different times throughout the year. Check our current class schedules to see what’s offered now. If you’d like to know what classes are coming up, call us at 417-269-5147.

Ab Blast

15 minutes of the best abdominal exercises to strengthen and tone your mid-section 

Adult Swimming Lessons

For adults who have always wanted to learn how to swim, or who want to learn ways to improve their stroke technique 


Designed for people with arthritis to experience range of motion exercises, education on arthritis and light cardio training 

Aqua Boot Camp

Traditional boot camp exercises for all fitness levels, in the water 


A 60-minute total body workout incorporating cardiovascular endurance, toning and flexibility 


Upbeat Latin dance music and moves in the water 

Aquatics for Arthritis

45 minutes of exercise for people with arthritis, fibromyalgia, or other joint and muscle conditions, with exercises to improve range of motion, muscular strength and endurance 

Beginning Boot Camp

Indoor and outdoor runs, obstacles, calisthenics and strength training 

Boot Camp 

Outdoor runs, obstacle courses and calisthenics. Be prepared to work hard, Marine Corps style 

Beginning Ballroom Line Dancing

A 45-minute class featuring ballroom dance styles taught in a line dancing format (no partner necessary) 

Deep Water Workout

60 minutes of full-body exercise with flotation devices to reduce contact with the ground while using water’s resistance to increase the intensity of your workout, improving your core balance and cardiovascular health 

Group Strength

A total body workout using weights, resistance tubing and bands, and other strengthening and toning exercises 

GTS Pilates

A one-hour class with personalized training in a small group setting. We use a dynamic pulley system for enhanced muscle development, improved tone and increased joint range of motion 

Lifetime Fitness

A light cardiovascular conditioning, and muscle toning and strengthening class incorporating balance training with exercise tubing and bands, weights, and balls 

Lifetime Stretching

45-minutes of gentle, total body stretching focused on decreasing stiffness and increasing range of motion and flexibility 


Gain flexibility, muscle strengthening and improved posture in this basic Pilates class 

Power Aquacise

60 minutes of energizing cardiovascular exercises, focusing on cardiovascular fitness and endurance, plus body toning with water barbells for added resistance 

Power Sculpt Express 

A 30-mintue class for people who want to a healthy core, back, arms and legs, all by using water weights 

Power Yoga I 

A sequence of yoga poses focused on strength and flexibility, emphasizing a vigorous approach to postures and breath control 

Prenatal Yoga 

For moms-to-be who want to improve their relaxation and mental focus 


A total body, muscle-conditioning class featuring high REPETITION, with low to medium weights, alternating between large and small muscle groups to increase INTENSITY with POWER moves to define, tone and rebuild all major muscle groups 


Learn cycling techniques to increase your efficiency in pedal stroke and speed while improving your cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength, all during an exhilarating workout that challenges your individual fitness level in a fun group atmosphere. 

Step Express 

A 30-minute step class focused on light to medium cardiovascular conditioning using a Reebok platform 

Tai Chi 

Improve balance, coordination and mental focus with these graceful, fluid techniques 


Learn the fundamentals of proper breathing and relaxation while improving flexibility 

Yoga for Golfers 

Exercises that counter the muscle asymmetry created by a golfer's swing, overtraining and repetitive motion 


Aerobic/fitness interval training with a combination of fast and slow Latin and international dance rhythms to tone and sculpt the body