Outpatient Diabetes Services

Working with your doctor, our team creates a personalized care plan that includes a wide range of options.

We offer education classes and counseling, blood sugar monitoring, insulin self-management skills, nutrition counseling and meal planning, stress management, and diabetes counseling during pregnancy.

Follow-Up Sessions

Follow-Up Sessions

Follow-up sessions are scheduled during the second and 12th months of your program. These sessions are designed to measure your progress toward the goals you’ve set, and to give you ongoing support for the daily management of your diabetes. 

Diabetes Facts

Diabetes is the sixth leading cause of death by disease in the U.S., and causes 12-24,000 people to lose their sight each year. It accounts for 56,000 leg and foot amputations each year, is the leading cause of kidney failure, and increases your chances of having heart disease or suffering a stroke by two to four times.