The CoxHealth School of Medical Technology is approved for the training of six to eight students. We offer two entry dates: mid-June and mid-January. Students are selected from a pool of several applicants from our affiliated colleges and universities. Selection of students is non-discriminatory with respect to race, color, creed, sex, age, national origin or handicap. The process of selection is performed by the admissions committee, which includes the laboratory medical director, the program director and a member of the faculty. CoxHealth is committed to providing a drug-free and safe working environment. In the spirit of this concept, everyone entering CoxHealth School of Medical Technology will be required to submit to a drug screening procedure. Admission into the program is contingent upon a negative drug screen. 

Admission Criteria 

Criteria used for the selection of students has evolved from the academic requirements set forth in the "Essentials of an Accredited Educational Program for the Medical Technologist" by the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences (NAACLS), the ASCP "Admission Standards and Processes of MT Programs" and from experience in training students. The criteria include both academic requirements and a study of the individual's personality, motivation, strengths, weaknesses and abilities. In order to learn as much as possible about each applicant, a personal interview is required. An outline of the selection criteria is as follows: 


1. The minimum course requirements as established by the School of Medical Technology are: 

  • Successful completion of a minimum of 94 semester hours of college credit applicable to a baccalaureate degree. 
  • Chemistry: A minimum of 16 semester credit hours. Organic chemistry and either biochemistry, molecular cell biology and/or quantitative analysis should be included. 
  • Biology: A minimum of 16 semester credit hours. Microbiology, genetics and immunology are required. Pathogenic microbiology is strongly recommended. 
  • Mathematics: A minimum of one course in college level math. Remedial courses will not satisfy this requirement. 

The content of the chemistry and biology courses must be acceptable toward a major in those fields or in medical technology or be certified by the college/university as equivalent. Survey courses do not qualify as fulfillment of the chemistry and biology prerequisites. Academic credit gained through examinations that have been approved and accepted by the college/university as well as CLEP credits will be accepted. 

2. Minimum GPA of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale with special attention to the grades in the science courses. 

3. Prior laboratory experience is helpful but not required. 


1. Three scholastic references from college/university science instructors or the combined evaluation of the Medical Technology Advisory Committee at the college/university.  

2. Student's handwritten statement of interest in Medical Technology. 

3. Personal interview. 

Students are encouraged to contact the program director at CoxHealth School of Medical Technology as soon as the major is declared. This enables the student to obtain valuable information and assistance during his/her progression of study. 

Post-baccalaureate students entering the program must have a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited college/university including at least 36 semester credit hours in the biological, chemical and/or medical sciences. 

Application Procedure 

It is the responsibility of the applicant to submit to the CoxHealth School of Medical Technology the following: 

1. Completed application form. 

2. Official college/university transcript 

3. Student Status Verification form or a statement from the college/university Registrar certifying that the academic requirements have been met and after successful completion of the clinical training program, the student will be granted a baccalaureate degree in Medical Technology or a baccalaureate degree with a concentration in medical technology. (This statement is not necessary for post-baccalaureate students.) 

4. Signed Acknowledgement of Essential Functions form demonstrating the student has read the entry-level MT graduate competencies and will be able to meet the essential functions for the lab student position. 

5. Handwritten statement of interest in medical technology, including motivation and ultimate career goals

6. Three (3) scholastic reference letters from college science instructors or the combined evaluation of the Medical Technology Advisory Committee at the college/university. One recommendation form may be from an employer. 

All required application materials must be submitted before Aug. 15 for the following January class and before Nov. 15 for the following June class. Applications are examined by the program director to determine if all necessary information is included. The program director evaluates the college transcript as to course content, grade point average, total semester hours of credit and the courses planned for the fall/spring semester prior to admission. If any deficiencies are found, or if the grade point average is unacceptable, the program director sends the student a letter of explanation or requests clarification of the suspected deficiency. 

A pre-entrance physical examination and a negative drug screen are required of all students accepted into the program.