Cody Rogers, MD

Cody Rogers, MD

My name is Cody Stark Rogers and I am a sinner saved by grace. As I live longer I experience that grace more, and as I learn more I have a deeper and deeper appreciation of what that grace means. The most important thing you can know about me is that Jesus is my king and so I include that first. However, I’d say my favorite characteristic of God is His providence – another theme that has been evident through my life.

My parents did mission in work in Kenya (east Africa) and had all of their children there, myself coming as the middle child. I eventually moved to and lived in the great state of Arkansas for most of my life, and am glad for that. I chose to do medicine because I loved science and wanted to help people – probably not terribly different from many others in the field. I ended up choosing family medicine for a host of reasons. I think what I am enjoying about it the most, currently, is the broad skillset I am developing and the comrades I have who care so deeply for the patients and for each other. But I think there are so many good things about family medicine. My long-term plan is international mission work (potentially in the 10-40 window – ask me about that if you haven’t heard of it!), and my short term goal may involve a fellowship or two. Of note, I actually started residency in Memphis, TN at a program that closed secondary to funding issues. Cox was kind enough to take me in – just another example of God’s grace and providence.

If I had infinite free time, I’d spend a good portion of it reading, enjoying music, and running. One of the best books I ever read was Dune by Frank Herbert, and my current favorite band is Mewithoutyou. I’ve only ever run hard/long enough to make my legs go numb twice. In school my favorite subject was Physics. Probably the least productive enjoyable things I do are reading comics and playing Overwatch.

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