For 2018-19 Salary Paid Vacation
For 2018-19 PGY-1 Salary $53,570 Paid Vacation four weeks
For 2018-19 PGY-2 Salary $54,499 Paid Vacation four weeks
For 2018-19 PGY-3 Salary $56,348 Paid Vacation four weeks

Child care

Two child care centers are owned and operated by CoxHealth for employees’ families. Rates are significantly less than other day care facilities.

Course fees

Fees for basic life support, advanced cardiac life support, pediatric advanced life support, advanced trauma life support, STABLE, neonatal resuscitation and advanced life support in obstetrics are paid by the program – a $2,240 value.

Disability and life insurance

Residents have coverage for disability and life, based on salary. Additional life insurance is available at low-cost group rates.

Educational allowance

An educational enrichment fund provides $650 per resident per year.

Fitness center

Membership fees to two fitness centers are paid by the program, including access to Meyer Center – a $420 value per year. Reduced rates for spouses and families are available.

Health, dental and vision insurance

Individual residents are covered for a minimal fee. Coverage begins day one. Family policies are available on a cost-sharing basis.

Licensure fees

All fees for licensure are paid by the program, including permanent licensure, BNDD and DEA for those who qualify – up to a $2,700 value.

Malpractice insurance

This is provided at no cost to the resident for activities associated with the residency program.

Maternity/paternity leave

Leaves are personally tailored utilizing a combination of earned vacation, sick leave and elective research.


Doctors lounges are available 24 hours a day, as well as a monthly cafeteria food allowance.

Moving assistance

Moving assistance is provided.


Residents will be reimbursed up to $500 toward the purchase of a smartphone.


A $850/$750 value