Nursing at CoxHealth

CoxHealth System Nursing Statistics

The following statistics provide a snapshot of our nurses at CoxHealth and their experience, dedication and involvement in the industry and in our communities. These numbers are from 2020, as of December 2020.

A map image showing that CoxHealth has 2,173 total RNs, including 1,758 in Springfield, 313 in Branson, 76 in Monett and 26 in Barton County.

59% of CoxHealth RNs have a BSN or higher degree, including 60% in Springfield, 55% in Branson, 50% in Monett and 31% in Barton County; 45% eligible CoxHealth RNs hold specialty certificates, including 49% in Springfield, 29% in Branson, 23% in Monett and 17% in Barton County.

1,500+ hours were volunteered by CoxHealth RNs in their communities; 428 CoxHealth RNs are members of a professional nursing organization; 2 had work published; 8 acted as the principal or co-principal investigator for a research study; and 300+ helped facilitate research

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