An athletes learns how to improve their sports performance.

Are you looking for a competitive edge?

Our Athletic Advantage program is a  sports performance enhancement, injury prevention and rehabilitation program. We offer one-on-one and group training and support to help you reach the next level. 

Does it really work?

Over a five-week period, athletes have seen an average increase of two inches on their vertical jump, a 20 percent increase in sit-ups and 0.15 seconds off their 20-yard dash.

How does it work?

The Athletic Advantage team pretests students to determine deficiencies, limitations, asymmetries or pain, which gives our team the tools to correct the movement. With concentration over the course of five weeks, Athletic Advantage can help improve your:

Agility Body movement efficiency Coordination
Endurance Flexibility Jumping
Power Speed Upper, lower body and core strength

What are the tools for success?

DVRT sandbags

Dynamic variable resistance training uses nonstatic weight, a shifting and unstable training tool. Holding an unstable implement, such as a sandbag, while doing traditional strength training challenges the body and creates a more functional and balanced athlete.

IMPACT concussion testing

Immediate post-concussion assessment and cognitive testing is a computerized concussion evaluation system. For $10, IMPACT evaluates the athlete’s post-injury condition and tracks recovery for a safe return to play. The test measures attention span, working memory, sustained and selective attention time, response variability, nonverbal problem solving and reaction time.


Approximately two-thirds of all ACL tears are noncontact, meaning the injury was caused by jumping, landing, cutting or running. During Sportsmetrics, athletes learn how to land safely after a jump and how to cut and pivot in safe positions. The program is three times a week for one hour per session. Athletes work on dynamic warm-up, agilities, plyometrics, flexibility and strengthening. Sportsmetrics can be performed at the CoxHealth Sports Medicine Center or at your local facility.


Originated by Navy SEALs, TRX suspension training’s body weight exercises develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability with each motion. TRX uses gravity and body weight to challenge athletes of any level.

Vertimax training

Vertimax is an advanced sports training system designed to increase athletic performance and abilities across all sports and ages. Used by athletes from professional to middle school, the system trains the athlete to perform the same motions faster and more powerfully during games.

What's the cost?

Sessions are 45 minutes to an hour long.

One session $45
Three sessions $120
Ten sessions $350
Monthly (a minimum of three consecutive months) $250

The monthly subscription model offers our clients an opportunity to access our Athletic Advantage program once daily any day we are open.  Please call ahead and schedule an appointment. There is no limit to the number of days you can attend. 

Discounts are available for groups, referrals, repeat athletes and CoxHealth employees.