Stroke is an emergency. Call 911.

Quick, expert treatment can make all the difference. From our Level 1 Stroke Center in Springfield, to our Jared Neuroscience Center, no one in the region offers more to stroke patients than CoxHealth. 

Our stroke center teams set the standard for emergency care, earning national recognition. We offer immediate access to the region's most aggressive stroke intervention techniques and services. When stroke happens, choosing the right hospital could save your life.

Risk Factors & Prevention

Some stroke risk factors can be managed, while others are beyond your control. Learn what steps you can take today to reduce your stroke risk.

Warning Signs

Learn the warning signs of a stroke today. During a stroke, quick care can make all the difference.

Stroke & Diabetes

Having diabetes increases your risk of stroke. But there are steps you can take to help reduce your risk.

CoxHealth Stroke Center

The area’s first Level 1 Stroke Center. National recognition for patient outcomes. A Neuroscience Center of Excellence. If you have a stroke, you can trust in CoxHealth.