COVID-19 Vaccine

COVID-19 Vaccine Testimonials

We're excited to share that over half of our workforce has now received the COVID-19 vaccine, making us better prepared to keep our employees safe as they continue caring for our community. We've asked members of our staff to share their motivations for receiving the vaccine below.

Our First Vaccine

Watch the first COVID-19 vaccine administered at CoxHealth.

Why I'm Getting the Vaccine

Hear from CoxHealth employees on their motivations behind getting the COVID-19 vaccine.

Riley Page, Oncology:

“We take care of immunocompromised patients on the oncology floor. This is taking care of them and their families. And my family as well and my friends."

Lindsey Chance, Oncology:

“This is the first time throughout the pandemic that I have felt hopeful about things coming to an end. ” 

“I wish people would trust the scientific community more. In today’s climate, there is a lot of mistrust. Being a part of the scientific community, I know the people working on the vaccine are held to a high integrity standard as well as a scientific standard.” 

Jim Anderson, Biomed:

“This is the path to getting things back to normal. I am around COVID patients frequently and I want to protect myself and the community. It’s the right thing to do.” 

"One day, I was working on a portable X-Ray from the COVID unit. I heard them call code blues from the unit throughout the day. I decided it was time to sign up. Before that, I wasn’t sure. I was thinking I should let others go first, but I decided it was the right thing to do. I got the vaccine the second day it was available."

Denise Dunaway, CoxHealth at Home:

“I’m getting the vaccine for my inspiring, innovative superhero team members; for those who are more vulnerable than me; for those who have made miraculous strides in science; for my family and friends; and for a bright and better future.” 

Carolyn Beard:

“I want to keep my patients healthy. And, my husband is older and has comorbidities and I don’t want him to get it. I want to be able to see my grandbaby and to travel. I want to get this thing finished!”  

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