Massage can help reduce stress, provide pain relief, improve your range of motion and provide relaxation. CoxHealth provides general massage therapy to the public, and to inpatients with a physician order. Special services for new moms are available in Springfield. 

Massage Therapy for New Moms 

Our goal is to make your hospital stay as enjoyable and memorable as possible – but we know childbirth can be a stressful experience that brings pain and anxiety. Massage therapy can help by relieving stress and anxiety, creating a sense of well-being, promoting relaxation and better sleep, decreasing pain and discomfort, and reducing muscle tension and spasms. 

Ask your nurse about obtaining a doctor's order for massage therapy. After your physician has approved the service, a licensed massage therapist can come to your room. 

Fees 15 minutes $15
Fees 30 minutes $30
Fees 45 minutes $45
Fees 60 minutes $60

Gift certificates are also available – these make a great gift for a new mom! If you’re interested in a massage but have financial concerns, speak to your massage therapist about your options. 

Infant Massage 

Being a new parent is a wonderful experience. But it can also be stressful for you, and your child. Studies have shown that infant massage can help you bond with your baby, while helping your baby relax, sleep more deeply, and experience less pain and discomfort due to gas, congestion, colic and more. Infant massage also enhances your baby’s neurological development, improves sensory awareness, and strengthens their lungs, heart, intestines and immune system.