Can I try out a paid class?

You’re welcome to try any class we offer one time to see if it’s what you’re looking for. Just stop by the front desk at any location and let them know which class you’d like to try. You’ll be asked to pay the day fee for the day you are visiting. 

If I can't make it to a paid class, can I make it up in another one?

We allow all members one opportunity to make up any class they miss during a session. 

When can I cancel a paid class I signed up for?

You can cancel a class up to two weeks before the session starts. If you aren’t able to meet those criteria we’ll move you to a class in the next session. 

When are classes cancelled?

CoxHealth Fitness Centers will be open as scheduled except during extreme inclement weather conditions. Refer to your local school closings for status of class cancellations. Outside of school closings, management will determine if conditions warrant reduced hours, facility closings and class cancellations. If possible, notice will be posted on main entrance doors and a phone and Facebook message will be updated to reflect these changes.

Can I register for paid classes over the phone or online?

Unfortunately we don’t offer online registration at this time. Registration by phone is available if you’ve been enrolled in the class before. If you haven’t, registration at the facility is preferred. 

If I lost something, do you keep it? How long?

Our lost and found sections are at the front desk of each facility. We keep items up to two weeks. We’ll keep more valuable items (estimated value more than $100) for one month. 

How can I learn about upcoming events or information?

We post information in several places throughout each facility, including on bulletin boards, and at the front desks, fitness service desks and in our group exercise rooms. You can also check our Facebook page or website for additional information. 

Do I receive guest passes with my membership?

When you join CoxHealth Fitness Centers, you’ll receive two complimentary guest passes. When you renew, individual memberships receive two passes and family memberships receive four. Guest passes can also be purchased at any time at each of our facilities.  

What can my 10-year-old child do in the facility?

At The Meyer Center and Republic facilities, our Kids' Club is open to children ages 2-11. Children of this age can also participate in some classes, personal training, family open swim and court at The Meyer Center. Our Cox North and Willard facilities are open to children ages 12 and up. 

How do I schedule a racquetball appointment?

Call the front desk, or schedule while you’re in the facility. Racquetball courts can be reserved up to 24 hours in advance. Only available at the Meyer Center.

What is a fitness orientation?

Fitness orientation helps you get acquainted with the facility and learn about the programs we offer. We’ll set up an individualized program based on your fitness goals, and include assessments so you know your fitness baseline and can chart your progress.  

Do you have towels?

The Meyer Center offers free towel service. Cox North members who rent a locker are eligible for free towel service. Towel service is not available in Republic or Willard.  

Why do I see some people showering before they swim while others don't?

We ask all our members and their guests to shower before entering any of our pools. This helps us keep the water chemically balanced and clean while using the smallest amount of chemicals. 

Can I get a corporate discount?

Call 417.269.3282 to learn more about corporate discounts. 

Can other people use my member card?

Your membership card is yours alone and cannot be shared. You will scan your own card when you enter the facility, and duplicate cards cannot be issued.  

What is the definition of "family" for a family membership?

Family is defined as a legally married spouse and any dependents in the home, ages 12-23.