Trauma SupportWhen someone close to you suffers a traumatic, life-changing event—a stroke, the unexpected diagnosis of a severe illness, or an injury from an automobile accident – the resulting effect on that person can be profound. But so, too, can be the emotional impact on the patient’s family and friends. The shock that accompanies such news is often devastating to the patient’s friends and family. They may experience heartbreak, fears, doubts, anger, uncertainties and even guilt. Health care experts refer to it as the “2nd trauma.”

At CoxHealth, our professional caregivers raise awareness of, and place greater attention on, the needs of those affected by this “2nd trauma.”

Doctors, nurses, social workers, members of the Pastoral Care department and other staff participate in specialized training to better recognize, understand and respond to the special needs of these individuals. We also provide our trauma patient families with a journal to keep track of the process of care and any questions they may have along the way. 

This support can help ease your stress and anxiety while your loved one is in our care.