CrewWe’re proud of our Cox Air Care crew. In addition to their many credentials, certifications and licensure, our crew members are involved in or manage projects above and beyond what’s required for the flight program. For example, all Cox Air Care pilots are ATP rated and have thousands of hours in aviation. They also participate in public relations activities, safety events and continuing education.

We’re also proud of our maintenance staff. These team members operate far from the scene of an accident or emergency, but our mission would not be possible without their abilities to keep the helicopter ready. Our pilots and mechanics are provided by and are employees of Air Methods Corporation, the largest air medical vendor in the country.  

Our medical crews bring volumes of varied and impressive clinical and classroom to this program. Many nurses have attained certification in emergency, critical care or flight nursing; and some have certification in all three. Bachelor's degrees are also not uncommon. Several of our flight paramedics are nationally registered, have become critical care paramedics, or have obtained their flight paramedic certification. This, combined with the efforts of our maintenance staff and pilots, makes for a winning team.  

For more information about Cox Air Care, check our FAQ page. To contact any of our crew members, email the program director.