Visiting Guidelines

As a parent, you’re welcome 24 hours a day.

All parents and visitors must follow our hand washing procedures. If you’re a mother with an IV in place, you may use the hand rinse product instead of washing with soap and water until your IV is removed.

Parents and visitors may be asked to leave during an emergency, procedure, admission or other situation if our staff feels it’s necessary. The waiting room and garden are available to you during these times. 

Make sure everyone who visits your baby is healthy. Also, limiting the number of people in contact with your baby can help limit the risk of infection. We count on you to help us keep your baby healthy.

Any parent or visitor with signs of illness (elevated temperature, diarrhea, coughing, sneezing, etc.) may not visit. Premature or ill infants have limited resistance to infection. If you or a visitor has a cold sore, it should be covered with a mask until the lesion is dry and scabbed.

Parents decide who may visit their baby, and all visitors must be accompanied by a parent. With special permission from parents and staff, grandparents may visit alone.

Grandparents may talk, read or softly sing to their grandchild. Grandparents are encouraged to get specific information about their grandchild from the baby's parents.  

Four people are allowed at the bedside at a time. Other visitors are asked to remain in the waiting room while awaiting their turn to visit. Parents are encouraged to use the parent lounge and garden for breaks away from their baby's bedside. 

All parents and visitors should also wash their hands before leaving the unit.

Please call the NICU prior to bringing children to visit.