NICU Transport Team

Our neonatal transport team travels to outlying hospitals across the area. The team cares for newborns in distress, stabilizes them and transports them back to the NICU in the Dee Ann White Women's and Children's Hospital at Cox Medical Center South. The team includes highly trained, experienced RNs, respiratory therapists and EMTs who provide your baby with specialized and expert care.

The transport team is available 24/7 to provide facilities in southwest Missouri and northern Arkansas with a unique, safe and efficient transport system. Care begins when we arrive at the referring facility and continues throughout transport and admission to our Level III NICU. 

We transport infants by ground and air. On the ground, babies travel in our Baby Buggy, a specially equipped ambulance that functions like a mobile NICU. In the air, we use Cox Air Care. If we fly, it’s our goal to leave the hospital within 15 minutes of the confirmed transport. During transport, we're in constant communication with the referring facility and the parents, until the family can be reunited.