Our NICU patients have certain rights - and their parents have certain responsibilities.

Babies have the right:

  • to be called by their name
  • to receive quality health care with a gentle touch and compassion
  • to have their needs met and allow their parent to be involved in their care when possible
  • to have a parent visit during posted hours
  • to be given careful evaluation, appropriate treatment and timely discharge from the hospital without compromising their health
  • to not have people talk about them where it could be heard by others
  • to be provided with emotional support and care that respects their needs to grow and develop
  • to be provided with a safe environment
  • to be cared for by a team whose training and skills enable them to respond to the physical, emotional and developmental needs of the patient and family.

Parents have the responsibility:

  • to know and follow the rules of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and hospital
  • to provide accurate and complete information in matters relating to their baby's health
  • to cooperate with and follow the plan of care recommended by the physician or nurses
  • to respect the privacy of the other babies in the unit
  • to remember that they are responsible for their own actions if they refuse treatment and do not follow instructions
  • to be considerate of other patients and hospital personnel
  • to monitor the visitors their baby receives and to notify the nursing staff of problems
  • to follow the visiting rules of the unit and our security guidelines
  • to help us provide a safe hospital environment (no weapons, firearms, alcohol, drugs, disorderly conduct or verbal threats)
  • to understand that their baby is unique and will not follow the same course or need the same treatments as other babies.