We offer inpatient psychiatry for senior adults at Cox North Hospital in Springfield. The unit is for patients ages 55 and older, and accepts admissions 24/7.

Please contact us if you have questions about the unit or our admission process.

Who We Serve

The Senior Adult Inpatient Psychiatry unit cares for patients ages 55 years and older. We care for senior adults can’t currently carry on the normal activities of life due to overwhelming stress, thought disorders, mood disorders and anxiety.

We work to evaluate each patient's needs, stabilize the most significant concerns and make recommendations for continued treatment.

Treatment Approach

Our Senior Adult Inpatient Psychiatry unit offers a team of a psychiatrist, psychologist, registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, a social worker, a certified recreational therapist and psychiatric technicians. Team members assess each patient and develop an individual treatment plan.

As we care for each patient, we focus on her special needs, individuality, dignity and rights. If a safe and secure environment is needed when she leaves the hospital, our social worker will help find placement.

Visiting Hours

Our Senior Adult Inpatient Psychiatry unit evaluates patients for admission 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Visitors are welcome during designated visiting hours.